Economic impact of the ‘shut-downs’


Lombok, Indonesia:     I live in the Senggigi region of North West Lombok. This region is well developed for tourism.  For the past four years that I am living here I never heard of any burglary.

Yesterday afternoon, when the shopkeeper of the neighboring shop ‘napped off’ for a few minutes, when she awoke her store of cigarettes were gone, as was the cash box.

I used to say that we do not have any burglaries in this region because everyone who wanted to work did find a job. With tourism having come to a full-stop due to lock-downs and travel restrictions this is no longer the case. And … consequently crime starts here too.

We better start paying attention to lock our house…


USA:   Interesting ‘in-sight’ I gathered from a truck driver in the USA via Facebook.  One would have thought that transport costs would be higher with many drivers out of work and the supplies have to be kept on. However the US truck driver stated that fares are down because the total load is reduced and consequently there is still an over-supply of trucks.

Moreover I think we should take his views seriously when he stated (on Facebook), ‘mark my words, there will be shortages in the shops’.  With the supply in disarray (in addition to farm labor not able to reach their places of work) we will see shortages in the shops. And this will happen not only in the USA, but worldwide.

Well, whatever will be, will be …    que sera, sera …


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