Dengue Fever is not an illness – Official

Did you know that Dengue Fever is not an illness?

Our Swiss medical insurance pointed out, that dengue fever was not an illness, but an accident caused by us clashing or crashing with a Mosquito.

Problem is that they want to know the exact date and time and place of the ‘accident’. Let’s hope that they will accept my estimate.

For information:    We are living in Lombok, Indonesia. My son had this clash/crash with a Mosquito a few days ago. First we consulted a local doctor, but when the signs of dengue fever came out after three days or so (skin irritation / itching) we went to (reluctantly)  hospital. Reluctantly because in the upper floor there were some Coronavirus patients as well. Anyway, Alhamdolillah, he is now back home with laboratory results satisfactory. Still weak, we are told that may carry on for a month or so. Well, more than one week has passed already. Alhamdolillah. Thanks to all those who prayed for his speedy recovery. Please keep on praying for complete restoration of health and strength.

Yes, we have some cases of the coronavirus in Lombok too (as to the numbers your guess is as good as mine I suppose). But dengue fever is still more common.


Dengue fever vector, mosquito biting hand.

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