President Trump invited to Islam by Dr. Koya

In keeping with the wise advice in the Holy Quran, I have the pleasure of inviting our President Mr. Donald Trump to Islam.

There’s little difference between Christians and Muslims, given the fact that Muslims are exhorted in the Holy Quran to believe in the Bible, ” (as revealed before).

In inviting you to Islam sir, we wish to share our love and respect.


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  1. The jews Scriptures sre the means by which the jews “cleanse” themselves of any wrongdoing regardless of seriousness. WW1, the Kaiser “the jews behind the trouble”. Jews “cleansing” :> ‘i’m not knowing’, ‘i’m not remembering’, ‘i’ m not responsible’, ‘i’m not to blame’ etc,.
    The Qu’ran and the Bible are both transliterations of the jews Scriptures, the Bible (first), from Jesus Christ thru the Disciples, the Qu’ran from the jews thru Mohammad.

    • Thanks. The cleansing part is hilarious.
      However, Quran confirms its predecessors both in terms of revealed books and the prophets mentioned therein.
      It does not mean that Quran is a complete replica . It is original on itself as much as it offers new knowledge and principles unheard of before.

      • Can you help me and explain; why was Prophet Muhammad and King Salman of Saudi are RACISM.
        Jews, Christians , Hindus or Non Muslim cannot enter the city of Mecca? We can see a sign on the road clearly when we enter Mecca.

        O you who believe, the Mushriks are impure indeed, so let them not approach Al-Masjid-ul-Haram after this year. Q9:28.

        Please do not delete it

  2. Dear Somi Teemo,

    Peace be with you. Thanks for the questions.

    Sadly, you have bundled the Holy Prophet Islam with Saudi King Salman. There is no comparison here and I am sure the King would be ashamed of it too.

    There is no evidence the Prophet Practiced or taught any racism. His first disciplines were Black slaves of the time who set free.

    All doubts and misgivings, if any, melt away in his farewell sermon in which he clear says no White is superior to Black and Black is Superior to White…… This is a classic sermon that many non Muslims have freely admired and used to justify their beliefs. Keep in mind even the US Constitution is not as distinct as Prophet in his final sermon.

    Throughout his life the Prophet encouraged co-existence with hie Christian and Jewish brethren.

    The Peace Pact – Sulah Hudaibiya

    You are familiar with the fact that to ensure peace, the Prophet reduced it down in writing and all parties signed it, like the treaty in Medina with Jews and Christian tibles.


    Mecca was in the hands of the disbelievers who persecuted and opposed the Prophet and Muslim followers for many years.

    After a few battles, the Prophet it was time to enter peace with Meccans. When marched from Medina to Mecca several thousand of follows, the Meccans asked for alteration of certain parts of the peace treaty including that that year Muslims will not be allowed to enter Mecca for pilgrimage

    The Prophet agreed to the terms and return to Medina.

    The following year he returned with 10,000 Muslims. A mind blowing number. When he enters the Messa, he chooses Hazrat Bilal a freed Black salve to carry the flat. No a single soul was killed.

    The Purpose of Mecca

    Mecca was the first House of God which into ruins at the hands of wrong people different times, including when Abraham and his son Ishmael were commanded to rebuilt once before.

    This times the Mecca disbelievers had turn into trade and entertainment center with 360 idols install within the Kaaba.

    The Prophet cleanses the place and removes all idols prohibited within the princients.

    The performance an obligatory duty of Muslims was instituted and followed. The Mecca prime and exclusive place of pilgrimage to Muslims for their mode of worship of Allah.

    It was necessary to protect this as an exclusive place for Muslims with no intent to discriminate, demean or punish any race or religion .

    Tell me this:

    In a massive prayer congregation of Muslims how do Christians, Jews and Hindus fit in the scenarios.

    Can you imagine if Hindus come in millions clad in their religious attire, gears , musical instruments, the beads and the lotas, what will happen to the Islamic culture?

    In the same way if the Christians came with their rites and rituals to proclaim that Jesus was Son of God, God father and God the Holy Ghost. Likewise if millions of Jews also converged with their rites and rituals.

    It will overwhelm the whole Mecca and make it hugely difficult for Muslims to perform their Hajj. The entire purpose of worship of one God and the Muslim faith will be overtaken, diluted and eventually destroyed. No government will be able to handle such a huge influx people. It will be chaotic and prompt a situation of conflict and devastation.

    That is not the purpose of Islam so it has to limit the worship to Muslims alone. If anyone is passionate about paying homage to the sacred place of God moved by a passionate love for God the he is welcome to joj n joi Islam and the right to visit mecca and perform the Hajj.

  3. I was told that Muhammad’s- PEACE BE UPON HIM- wife and her relatives were Christian and that is why Sunnis and Shiites dislike Jews period.
    That is why the physician Muslim specialist told me Islam is ingrained with Jew hatred .
    I have read the Koran. The tree will say there is a Jew hiding kill him/her.

    The Ahmadiyyas are different because they are a minority. Minorities tend not to hate as much! 🙂

    Islam’s closeness to Christianity sometimes really stumps me.
    Notions such as the trinity, son of God etc. are not part of the theology of Islam.
    ISLAM IS Much much closer to Judaism but of course if you are told from an early age that Jews are satan’s messengers and God knows what else… it will eclipse the closeness.
    I keep getting emails that Corona is a Jew disease and also some which simply say “Jew die Jew”.
    I doubt if Muslims send me this.
    Muslims however wouldn’t bat an eye.

    • I have lived and worked in 15 countries or so. Of them majority Muslim countries were Pakistan, Afghanistan, Jordan, Iraq, with side-trips of shorter and longer duration to Kuwait, Dubai and Libya. Therefore I have lived with many different kind of Muslims. I have never met any Muslims that were preaching, teaching and bothering to hate Jews. Yes, of course, Palestinians who were kicked out of their houses and lands by Israelis you can say hated Israelis, but not as Jews, but as land-stealing Israelis.

      And, yes, of course, Jews believing like Muslims in the unity of the creator, whether called Allah or anything else, are much closer to Muslims religiously than the strange teachings of Christianity, who cannot really make up their mind if God is one, two or three.

    • Dear Dr. Sam Sussman,

      Peace and the blessings of Allah (God) be with you !

      Thank you for your post.

      Let’s begin with the INVITATION TO MR TRUMP – the subject matter.

      1. Mr. Trump ran his campaign with an anti-Islam slogan. His architect Branon who he fired just as I had predicted in my FB Post then, advised him that Islam is a dark religion. No Muslim will stand that and no Muslim will ever call Christianity or Judaism a dark religion.

      2. Mr. Trump said Islam “hates us”. Where in the Quran did he read that. I am sure he did not even read the “B” of Bismillah in opening sentence in the Quran. He has been schooled in the “adverse advertisement”, putting the shame of personal conviction on other people.
      That’s call “bullying” in the American law and language. And it is cyber bullying.

      3. Member of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community have a SWORN tudy to put the records right and invite others to Islam with wisdom and respect.

      4. An invitation is an appetizer and enticement. It is not a force or compulsion. There is no compulsion in islam, only invitation. One is free to accept or decline an invitation (just as we do in our daily life, I choose some and decline some invitations even from close relations depending on situations).

      Having said this, let me address your concerns>

      First, I deeply appreciate you invoked the blessing of Allah when you mention the name of Muhammad
      at the very beginning. (May Allah bless you).

      Second, why Sunnis and Shia would hate Christians based on the Prophet’s first marriage to Khadaja at a time when he was not a prophet, blows my brain. I have not read anything like it. And if they hate Christians for that reason, the blood is on their hands.

      Search the Holy Quran and see how many times Allah has used the word hate in His dialogue. None. The only place He comes close to saying but puts it very tacfulling:
      (a) Do not create disorder on earth- this is just the misdemeanour only.
      (b) Same is reiterate “Allah loves not those who create disorder on earth.” even here God not say hate.

      So, hate not the language of the Holy Quran, instead you find ofet repeated Mercy, Graceful, Forgiving and many other positives expressions so that a reader of the Holy Quran is consumed with the theme and these attributes become their hallmark.

      The question of killing

      There’s no open directive for Muslims to hunt and kill Jews or Christians as is often misrepresented.

      Quran deals with peace time and situation of “war and conflict”. During war, in which Jews and Christians were a part despite peace pact between them and the Muslims.

      In times of war the rule is same as the one the US Army follows and correctly so (although stolen right of the Holy Quran), that you go for the aggressor the enemy and hunt and kill them. What do you think our army is doing in the Middle East and Afghan once the foot soldiers are on the ground. They go for kill.

      We, therefore, must draw the distinction between and peace. The rule of engagement.

      War is not an individual decision in Islam where anyone can take up arm and start killing anyone. That is prohibited. That decision is left to the head of the Muslim nation under attack. In the past 40 years at least that I have been a witness, not a single Muslim Country has waged a war on any Jewish or Christian nation. But the fact is the way round. Muslims have been slaughtered by Israel, Russian, the Modi Hindu Government and, USA felt right and center.

      The dogma or belief

      You are right Islam is much closer to Jews than Christianity.

      Quran makes no compromises when it comes to God. It presents God as one single Supreme and living being without a partner.

      Christianity has compounded, compromised and confused this teaching as contained in the original Old Testament that all prophet taught and practiced. It is heavily borrowed from Pauline doctrine of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost which Quran had dealt a crushing blow and repudiates.

      Quran is not a man made book. It is a book of God and the final law of Allah that settles all misbeliefs, misconceptions and provide accurate and answers and solutions.

      Jews are not satan, the are our brethren, called People of the Book.

      In Deuteronomy Prophet Moses is likened to a future prophet (from among they brethren unto thee) “who shall rise from Mount Paran from the region of Arabia and march with 10,00 saintly men with a sword in his his left and a fiery law in his right.

      After Moses, there is only one prophet who fits the description, the Holy Prophet Of Islam, Muhammad the Prophet of Allah having some from the Ishmaelites, a brethren indeed.

      It is false that Jews are behind the Coronavirus, Completely fake and against all available evidence that will unravel before us soon.

      Respected Dr. Sweetman, I am editor publisher or The Muslim News here in SFO Bay Area, well known in the interfaith circle and chair of the INTERFAITH AMERICA and frequent blogger etc., I will publish your question and my response.
      You have a conderfu day and I have pleasure of inviting you to Islam.

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