Europe Has Been the Greatest Disappointment in This Crisis

Source: Spiegel

When the news began spreading on Sunday that the French luxury firm LVMH was converting its entire perfume production to the manufacture of disinfectant gel, the details of the matter may have been uncertain, but one thing was clear: It was a moment that would go down in history for the parent company of Dior and other legendary brands.

A pandemic sharpens perceptions, and the memory functions even more precisely. Things happen so quickly, our heads spin. We can’t take it all in, and much is registered with sheer astonishment. You quickly notice who among your friends gets in touch and who disappears, who lets their imagination get the better of them and who gets caught up in their routines. The Italians surely won’t forget the plane that landed full of medical personnel and relief supplies from China — or the fact that no such planes arrived from Frankfurt, Paris or Brussels. Indeed, Europe has been the greatest disappointment in this crisis so far.


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2 replies

  1.  Everywhere, the plight brought about by the crisis is giving rise to new alliances, new initiatives and renewed courage on the part of political centrists. Their first task once this pandemic is over will be to rethink Europe and to rebuild it in a new and better way. We don’t need the European Union as represented by the European Commission right now. In fact, it has already crumbled to dust in the hands of those trying to hold on to it.
    To me above is very soft and light approach. The whole EU system needs a major surgery. But regrettably nothing is going to happen. When Corona crises will be over business will become as usual. So is the hard fact on ground. Real sympathy, sense of care and love has almost evaporated from all the nations of this continent. The only solution is to implement the motto of  “Love for All hatred for None ” in letter and spirit

  2. In person, Soros is quite charming, with a wry sense of humor. But his writings — he has published 14 books — and speeches can be a little wooden, and this occasion was no exception. He barely acknowledged the audience, which included the president of Serbia and the prime minister of Albania, except to say, “I think this is the right place to discuss how to save Europe.” But apart from urging the European Union to direct more aid to Africa, which he said would ameliorate the refugee crisis that has led to so much of the recent political upheaval in Europe, his remarks were more descriptive than prescriptive. The European Union, he said, faced an “existential crisis.”

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