Coronavirus: Ilhan Omar calls for lifting of sanctions on Iran amid outbreak

With more than 11,000 reported cases, the Islamic Republic is one of the worst affected by Covid-19 outside of China

By Sheren Khalel in Washington By Sheren Khalel in Washington
Published date: 13 March 2020

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar has renewed calls for the US to suspend sanctions against Iran, as the country’s crippled health-care system struggles to deal with the rapid spread of the coronavirus.
“We need to suspend these sanctions before more lives are lost,” Omar said via Twitter on Friday, retweeting an earlier post made by well known Iranian-American activist Hoda Katebi.

According to Iranian authorities, there have been more than 11,000 cases of the coronavirus – offically known as Covid-19 – and at least 514 deaths, making the Islamic Republic one of the countries worst hit by the virus.

Katebi said her aunt, who is a doctor in Iran, had reported “massive” shortages of medical supplies, including face masks, as the country struggles to deal with the spread of the disease.


Ilhan Omar penned a letter urging the judge sentencing the man who threatened her to show compassion. Photograph: Joshua Roberts/Getty Images

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  1. While it is human to feel the pain for fellow human beings affected by disasters such Coronavirus we are facing, we cannot escape the fact there are specific warnings both in the Bible and the Holy Quran of catastrophes descending mankind in the form of punishment.
    Iran has two major things to worry about:
    1. Their belief system with regard to the Prophet of Islam and the undue higher regard to Hazrat Ali, singing and dancing in his name, both of which are paradoxical at worst.
    2. Disregard to Imam if the age ..Imam MEHDI, Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad whose Persian books are very specific to them. In contrast, the Iranians holding fast to their wrong idea of Imam MEHDI coming from skies or from source strange and fictional.
    This last one is a live issue and is as volatile as a live electrical wire stifling with which is in effect asking for self destruction.

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