UK airport police admits wrongdoing in forcing Muslim woman to remove hijab

Source: TRT World

The draconian counter-terrorism law Schedule 7 was used by police to force the woman to remove her hijab at Heathrow Airport for photos.

In October 2018, Asiyah was forced to take off her hijab so male officers could photograph her at London’s Heathrow airport. This power granted to officers is known as Schedule 7, which allows individuals to be stopped and searched at UK ports and airports even if there are no grounds for suspicion.

London-based advocacy organisation CAGE says an increasing number of Muslim women have approached them complaining that they were “violated” and “humiliated” during Schedule 7 stops, by officers compelling them to remove their hijabs for photographs.

According to CAGE the notion of forcing a woman to remove her hijab is similar to a type of religious strip search, and has nothing to do with the stated purpose of Schedule 7 – to assess whether an individual is a security risk. The controversial counter-terrorism law makes it an offence if an individual fails to comply with officers’ demands, such as removing a headscarf or answering questions.

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