What next for India’s Muslims? More suffering and a further crackdown on their rights by the Modi government

If identity documents are lost – including in attacks such as those seen in Delhi – it is not difficult to envisage a scenario in which a proportion of the country’s Muslims are moved to detention centres

Gareth Price
3rd March 2020


In his second term, Indian prime minister Narendra Modi’s government has expedited efforts to undermine India’s Muslims. While Muslims are widely accepted to be India’s poorest community by religion (in part a statistical quirk given that much of the Muslim middle class moved to Pakistan at partition) the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) believes that for decades other parties – notably the once dominant Congress – have prioritised Muslims over Hindus.

First to go was the “special status” granted to India’s only Muslim-majority state of Jammu and Kashmir. Amongst the provisions removed was that on “outsiders” buying land in the state. This, according to the government, had harmed economic development. Curiously, the government has no plans to remove similar protection granted to several areas of north east India.

Next was a double whammy of the National Register of Citizens (NRC) and the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). The government has suggested that the NRC – a measure intended to identify illegal immigrants in Assam – should be rolled out nationwide and reportedly instructed India’s states to start constructing detention centres.

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  1. It is a dilemma of Indian Muslims that they don’t try to understand , they have been living and are still living under the shadow of moulvies , decades back they danced on the tune of a moulvi ( moulana Mohammad Ali johar ) in the name of Turkish khilafat , they suffered a lot . History is being repeated again , by their speaches and actions , they are moving towards hell , recent Delhi violence is a example , CAA is not for any Indian , yet they are on the road . Every country has the right to have a National Register for its citizens , what’s wrong if Indian government makes … by opposing CAA and expected NRC , are they not questioning their citizenship ? Listen the languages of moulvies and some muslim leaders , if majority of Hindus are not getting provoked , it is nothing but their liberalism . By opposing one slogan ” shoot the traitors ” , are muslims not saying that they are traitors ? My country is a beautiful country where there’s everything , religious freedom is at its height , moulvies and some muslim leaders are trying to burn the country as it is tested and accepted theory that there is a reaction of every action , may Allah save Indian Muslims from the moulvies and some muslim leaders and intellectuals

  2. Since 9/11-2001– the people who live in this word observed that why Al Qaida killed 3000 innocent people on NewYork Tower?

    People in this world found that Al Quran calling the killing and punishing of Jews, Christians and unbeliever. Q.9:29–
    by shouting “ ALLAH HUAKBAR”

    There are some Radical intolerant Muslim who like chant Allah huakbar in India, China, Mynmar, Philiphine and Khasmir, HAMAS etc— these Radical Muslim create problem in non Islamic countries.

    We appreciate Ahmadiyyah who do not do that. It is cool 👍
    But Ahmadiyyah should condemn Muslim who shout Allah huakbar when they did the evil act.

    Please do not delate it

    • ha ha ha. Al Qaeeda from the caves of Afghanistan managed the absolutely superb logistics of 9/11 ? You must be joking. My view: It was the American war industry guys who, after 9/11, made their fortunes in war. Yes, I cannot prove it, just like you cannot. To me my religion and to you yours, to me my 9/11 and to you yours. (This is my personal view, nothing to do with The Muslim Times or Ahmadiyya)

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