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  1. Head of the Ahmadiyya should be ashamed cannot build bussines or creat jobs for its members or community– what we see only build mosque every where.

    Ahmadiyyah should learn bussines from Ismaili Islam and Mormon Christianity– both have been creating thousand jobs for its members and for other people. Very cool!

    what we see till to day Ahmadiyyah Muslim never crea jobs but Ahmadiyysh take or steal Christian’s jobs . It is not good

    Please do not delete it

    • yes, very much tempted to delete it. You are such a negative person. Even in the opening of a mosque you only find negatives. We pray daily and seek daily : Grant us good in this world and grant us good in the world hereafter and save us from pain of hell. What do you think the emphasis of our beloved Khalifa on education means? It is for seeking the good in this world too. But Somi is Somi and cannot get out of his/her skin.

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