After Bernie Sanders’ landslide Nevada win, it’s time for Democrats to unite behind him

Nathan Robinson

Bernie Sanders

No other Democrats can beat him at this point. Sill, the liberal establishment is still struggling to come to terms with Sanders’ inevitable nomination

It was a landslide. Bernie Sanders had been expected to win the Nevada caucuses, but not like this. With just 4% of the vote in, news organizations called the race for Sanders, since his margin of victory was so large. Sanders has now won the popular vote in all of the first three states, and is currently leading in the polls almost everywhere else in the country. He was already the favorite to take the nomination before the Nevada contest, with Democratic party insiders worrying he was “unstoppable.” His campaign will only grow more powerful now.

Importantly, Sanders’ Nevada victory definitively disproved one of the most enduring myths about his campaign: that it could attract left-leaning young white people, but was incapable of drawing in a diverse coalition. In fact, voters of color were a primary source of Sanders’ strength in Nevada; he received the majority of Latino votes. Entrance polls showed Sanders winning “men and women, whites and Latinos, voters 17-29, 30-44 and 45-65, those with college degrees and those without, liberal Democrats (by a lot) and moderate/conservatives (narrowly), union and non-union households.” The poisonous concept of the white “Bernie Bro” as the “typical” Sanders supporter should be dead.

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11 replies

  1. would really be interesting to see Sanders as President. A Sanders / Trump fight would be interesting too. Unfortunately he might loose … just my thoughts.

    • That will be the day when a self hating Jew becomes president of the USA
      Even if Bernie weren’t a self hating Jew the USA is not ready for a Jew.
      For a black man yes!
      Blacks don’t pose a threat.
      To many Americans -Jews are an existential religious threat.
      Jews are viewed antisemitically as People who will dominate them. About 8-10 percent in the USA.
      Not like antisemites like country of eg Pakistan or Syria where it is about 96-98% but still bad enough.
      Jews have been in the USA from 1700s on
      Give it another 50 years for a Jew to be elected!!

      • I am not choosing one or the other> I was just reflecting on the chances that they may have to get elected. (Happy that I do not need to vote in USA)

  2. He has distanced himself from Jews and his allies are pure anti semites. You are right. He does not hate himself. That is an outworn psychoanalytic interpretation of Jews who land up despising their roots and decent future. He thinks he is far superior to the 6 plus million Jews of the USA and the other 4 million who have distant and sort of affiliated Jewish roots.
    Always be wary of people who turn against their own people and who divorce themselves from their original traditions be they Muslims Jews Christians etc. and develop ties to people who are seen as if not enemies then certainly not soul mates of your people.
    It would be akin to a Shia Muslim embracing Sunni Islam to the detriment of his own original people.
    That is not to say that people don’t convert for ego syntonic reasons.
    Why don’t we drop this discussion in the interests of peaceful existence as the prophet Mohammed pbuh espoused., Discussions of this nature lead to squabbling nothing else!
    Dr Sam Sussmann – Phd

    • I am not sufficiently familiar with Sanders’ religious views that I can discuss about whether he is a self-hating Jew or not. However, there are of course many Jews, which I would not consider self-hating, which disagree with the political actions of the Israeli Government, such as the ‘Peace Now’ people. That is why I never express ‘anti-Jewish’ views, but only ‘anti-Israeli-politics’ views, when they are against human rights and equality and justice for all

      • You are correct 100% about many many many Jews who are against the policies and practices of the Israeli government.
        That is why Bibi has a hard time in a democracy to form a government!
        The peace now and the voice for peace crowds have many
        Self hating Jews.
        Yup you get many Jews together and many are self haters!:)
        Many Arab Muslim Israelis serve in the army are judges etc.
        This is not one dimensional.
        The Jews went back to their ancestral homeland.
        There never was a Palestine except under the British occupation when Jews and others were considered Palestinian.
        If the situation were reversed you would not have a Jew standing in Israel
        The “Palestinians” would kill them and the killers would be paid by the PLO and Hamas.
        Give peace a chance.
        Israel is only about 71 years old !
        Don’t sent 300 million Arab nations against them
        It does not work
        Probably Israel and the USA are the most technologically advanced countries in the world
        The days of Jews being supplicants paying Joze’s tax are over
        Make peace
        Accept Israel
        Right now 80 % of Palestinians want Jews to die

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