Fareed Zakaria: Where are the Palestinian voices ?

On Sunday, February 2, 2020, CNN’s Fareed Zakaria hosted Jared Kushner to talk about the Apartheid Plan that the Trump and Netanyahu administrations have introduced to annex 30 percent of the West Bank and affirm Israel’s occupation. Kushner was given an enormous amount of airtime on CNN to spew his vile racism and disrespect for Palestinian lives. And just like with this “Peace Plan,” there was no Palestinian voice.

If you are located in the US, Canada, or Australia, click here to send an email to Zakaria uring him to have a Palestinian on next Sunday to refute Kushner. If you are located outside one of these three countries, sign our petition below:

Dear Fareed Zakaria,
I was appalled to see Jared Kushner given so much airtime on February 2, 2020, on GPS to push his plan to annex 30 percent of the West Bank and cement Israel’s occupation, with its separate and unequal systems, as permanent fixtures. Why didn’t you give a Palestinian expert a chance to refute Kushner and this plan?

For the sake of balance, I urge you to have a Palestinian expert on GPS to refute Kushner and talk about why Palestinians have rejected this plan. Some experts I would recommend are:

Noura Erakat, Palestinian American legal scholar and human rights attorney, author of Justice for Some: Law and the Question of Palestine
Yousef Munayyer, Palestinian-American writer and political analyst
Zaha Hassan, Palestinian American human rights lawyer and visiting fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
Diana Buttu, Palestinian-Canadian lawyer and political analyst, former spokesperson for the Palestine Liberation Organization
Mustafa Barghouti, Palestinian physician and politician, Secretary General of the Palestinian National Initiative political party (PNI)

Kushner said such condescending and racist, anti-Arab statements as “[Palestinians] have a track record of blowing up every opportunity they’ve had” and “they have to act like people who are ready to have a state, [but] they are not ready to have a state.” The least you can do is have a Palestinian voice on your show. Please respect the human rights, dignity, and self-determination of the Palestinian people by bringing their voices into the discussions.

Towards a real peace plan for the Middle East,


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  1. Jews aim to dominate the world. Best known start point is WW1 THE KAISER “the jews behind the trouble”, lesser-known: that is the sixth time, caught and dealt with. Now known the Bible is their cover, the Qu’ran being used for the same purpose (both being copies of the jews scriptures therefore the contents are known and used by the jews for their own purpose).

  2. Wahhabi and Ahmadiyyah are alike — both cannot accept different thought and expression—

    Wahhabi Sect in Pakistan ban Ahmadiyyah
    TMT ( Rafiq) delate my comment

    No love ❤️ But hatred

      • My comments are not a copy paste— why are you do hate? I think you hate to see the different opinion.

        Do not seek some reasons to delate my comment.
        Try to love the different opinion or faith.

      • No, I do not hate different opinions. That is why we have this ‘comment section’, so that we can learn different opinions. But it would be nice if you would listen and try to understand mine too.

      • If you really defand Human Right— you have to accept what people say and express— that is the freedom of speech and expression— no matter what people say—

        If Ahmadiyyah is the true faith of Islam you have to dare to defand your belief— not ban people who oppose your belief.

        Wahhabi cannot defand their belief, that is why wahhabi ban Ahmadiyah, Shiaah and Christian. Wahhabi reject Human Right.
        Please do not copy Wahhabi’s strategy!!it is unislamic!❤️

      • Ahmadiyya does not need to ‘defend’. We teach … (for any one interested).

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