Iran has been changed forever by admitting its great mistake – yet the west ignores its own deceits

Source: Independent

The irony is that, when the US first claimed the Iranians were behind attacks on their soldiers in Iraq, they were likely not

By Robert Fisk; @indyvoices

“In wartime,” Churchill famously told Stalin, “truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies.” He said this on 30 November 1943 – by chance his 69th birthday – in an effort to impress upon the Soviet leader the importance of deception in the planning of D-Day. In fact, the Allies did deceive the Germans, whose Wehrmacht commanders thought the landings would be made in northern France rather than on the beaches of Normandy.

But the meaning of truth and lies – even the very word “wartime” – have so changed their meaning and usefulness in recent Middle East history that it’s almost impossible to apply Churchill’s quotation today.


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  1. What is all the fuss about? Surely the one who pressed the button did not immediately go to the big bosses and tell them ‘I did it’. He probably run home in shame and hide. Therefore it is logical that the bosses found out the truth with some delay, and then they admitted it.

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