Championing the higher path of peace – King of Jordan

Jan 15,2020 – JORDAN TIMES –

In his address to the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France, His Majesty King Abdullah shed light on several issues and crises plaguing the Middle East and their impact on the wider world. A key focus of His Majesty’s speech was the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and the continued Israeli provocations and illegal actions against Palestinian lands.

“A more peaceful world is not possible without a stable Middle East. And a stable Middle East is not possible without peace between the Palestinians and the Israelis,” the King said as he emphasised that more than 70 years of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict have played havoc with hopes for justice.

His Majesty defended the two-state solution as the sole viable, just, sustainable and practical formula for the Palestinian case, excluding the one-state solution as “an unthinkable solution for the region and the world”.

The King reiterated the centrality of the Palestinian issue and his speech was a reminder to the entire world not to lose sight of the Palestinians’ plight amidst other regional crises.
World peace and stability can sprout solid roots only when there is peace between the Palestinians and the Israelis. His Majesty’s speech was a roadmap for bringing peace and normalcy to the Middle East and beyond.

“What happens in the Middle East has a way of making itself felt everywhere around the world,” said the King.

His Majesty also drew attention to the standoff between the US and Iran, and developments in Iraq and Syria, warning that an all-out war jeopardises the stability of the whole region and would risk triggering disruptions in the entire global economy and a resurgence in terrorism, which is a global threat.

The way forward for regional and world stability is through peace that preserves the rights and dignity of the peoples of the region.

Peace with a far-reaching impact requires peace-loving nations to act, and act today to that end. This is a task that requires intensive efforts, candid willingness and the cooperation of all friends and allies.

Jordan’s faith in peace is unwavering and its friends and allies have a key role to play in realising the much-wanted peace that the Kingdom is pushing for; a peace that serves all mankind.

“My father, the late King Hussein, taught me that peacemaking is always the harder but the higher path. And a tough road is best walked with our friends, friends like you and the people of Europe, so that together, we can reach the future that both our peoples aspire for, and that they and our whole world deserve,” said the King.

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