Satellite photos show full extent of Australia’s devastating wildfires

Will Taylor Satellite photos from Copernicus show dramatic images of the bushfires in Australia. (Copernicus Sentinel data 2020)

Satellite images show the scale of devastation of Australia’s bushfires, which have killed eight people this week and destroyed hundreds of homes.

Pictures from the European Union’s Copernicus system show the extent of the blazes which firefighters are trying to tackle across New South Wales and Victoria.
The fires, which number at least 200, have killed 18 people since they started burning in September.

The images show huge fires and massive clouds of smoke engulfing vast amounts of ground.

Cooler weather since Tuesday has helped authorities, and people caught up in the fires have formed long queues of vehicles at petrol stations and supermarkets as they wait to restock supplies.

But high temperatures and strong winds are expected to make things worse again on Saturday.

“It (fires) will continue to go on until we can get some decent rain that can deal with some of the fires that have been burning for many, many months,” Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said today.


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