Spirits of moon and the House Of Khan

Source: Dawn.Com

by Owais Tahid

Desert nomads used to celebrate the sighting of a full moon. They would gather on sand dunes in their colourful dresses to sing and dance. My grandmother said the full moon heralded happiness because it meant the future was bright, unblemished, uninterrupted. A good omen.

A partial sighting and cloud cover, on the other hand, indicated shadows lurked ahead. Bad spirits would dominate the next lunar cycle, they feared hunger and thirst and readied themselves for leaving their settlement and moving on.

The partial extension of the army chief’s tenure is like a partial moon sighting for the House of Khan. For Prime Minister Imran Khan and his courtiers, a full moon would’ve meant good times and prosperity for three years.

The fate of the extension of the army chief’s tenure was in the hands of Khan and his close confidante, President Arif Alvi. The notification, or mere letter of intent as some call it, went from the PM House to the Presidency only to find its way to the country’s top court. Its judges ruled that the House of Khan requires the blessing from the House of Parliament, in effect putting General Bajwa and Prime Minister Khan on a political ventilator.





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  1. In 2012 Col Retd Rahim went to courts pertaining to extention of Gen Kiani. He was expert in “A” matters of army. Thouhg no honourable judge dared to listen to him. This time is Hanif Rahi. Million dollar question is how Mr Rahi came in. There seems to be something fishy fishy with in the power corrdidors of military brass. I as well some more people have the information but no one in Pakistan will dare to publish it. Gen Bajwa has to put his house in order. Any time when chief gets extention seniority of many officers in pipeline suffers. Better to make this appointment not extendable.

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