Europe’s increasing intolerance to Islam should be a genuine concern for Muslims


Eiffel Tower the most well known landmark of France

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The increasing number of Islamophobic laws being introduced across Europe is a frightening indication of how supposedly “liberal” and “tolerant” governments actually perceive its Muslim minorities, writes Tamim Mobayed.

Much attention has recently been given to China’s brutal ideological crackdown on its Uyghur and Turkic minority Muslims. South of China, Myanmar’s oppression against the Rohingya Muslims have led to cries of ethnic cleansing and genocide, while India’s recent endeavours in occupied Kashmir, as well as its removal of citizenship for 1.9 million (mostly Muslim) residents of Assam, have ratcheted up a global climate of Islamophobia.

Turning westward to Europe, have its lofty Enlightenment values rendered it immune from this wave of anti-Islam and anti-Muslim hate? Much of the protection of religious rights in Europe, and conversely, the recent infringements on them, stem from Article 9 (2) of the European Convention on Human Rights, which simultaneously guarantees freedom of religion, while limiting these only “for the protection of public order, health or morals, or for the protection of the rights…of others”. Reflecting on this lucid clause, the potential issues swiftly become apparent; what are the parameters for protecting public order, morals or the

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