Trump’s Lawyers Argue Like They’re Defending King Donald I


Source: Huffington Post

By SV Date

The president cannot be prosecuted and should not be sued or impeached, according to his legal teams.

WASHINGTON – The Oval Office’s occupant is President Donald Trump, but his battalion of private and taxpayer-funded lawyers are making arguments that may seem better suited for a King Donald I.

Trump’s private lawyers have argued that New York state prosecutors in Manhattan investigating hush-money payments to two women, as well as House members seeking Trump’s financial records, have no right to such information because he enjoys “presidential immunity.” Lawyers in his White House counsel’s office, meanwhile, call the ongoing impeachment inquiry illegitimate and have refused to cooperate with it.

“It’s hubris run amok. They’re feeling that their executive prerogative has no bounds,” said Douglas Brinkley, a presidential historian at Rice University, who added that while many presidents have asserted executive privilege, Trump and his Justice Department are interpreting it to mean that he is literally above the law. “I’ve never seen a president so brazen before. This takes executive power to sort of a dictatorial level.”

Ruth Ben-Ghiat, a New York University history professor and expert on authoritarian regimes, said the basis of Trump’s impeachment inquiry — his attempt to coerce a foreign leader to investigate a political opponent — is particularly alarming. “They don’t seem to want to leave the election to a fair and free vote,” she said. “They don’t even offer a real reason, which is another retreat from democracy.”

The White House declined to respond to HuffPost’s queries for this story.

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