Life after death: Shocking research reveals what happens during a ‘near-death experience’

Source: Express, UK

PEOPLE who have suffered near-death experiences or NDEs often recall distortions of time, visions of the afterlife and other paranormal phenomena, a medical expert has astonishingly claimed.

By Sebastian Kettley

Although the science on life after death is inconclusive, thousands claim to have experienced some form of an afterlife. Most commonly, hospital patients who suffered a “near-death experience” (NDE) report visions of light and voices at the end of a tunnel. Others have more bizarrely claimed to have stood before the Pearly Gates

The question of whether life continues after death has been at the forefront of research carried out a the University of Virginia Medical Center in the US.

In March 2017, the University hosted a lecture dedicated to the last 50 years of research on the afterlife.

Professor Bruce Greyson who took part in the lecture discussed some of the more bizarre NDEs he has come across through his research.

According to the psychiatrist, many patients on the verge of dying experience the slowing down of time, see their lives flash before their eyes and have a sudden sense of clarity of gates

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