Jordan reiterates illegitimacy of Israeli settlements


AMMAN — Jordan’s stance is firm in condemning and rejecting Israeli settlements and their breach of international law, Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi said on Monday.

“Israeli settlements in Palestine constitute a breach of international law and international legitimacy resolutions, the most recent of which was UN Security Council Resolution 2334,” Safadi stressed in a Foreign Ministry statement.
He reiterated Jordan’s condemnation of Israeli settlements as a “unilateral measure that kills the two-state solution and undermines the prospects of regional peace”.

The minister stressed that “nothing can change the illegitimacy of settlements”, which have been denounced by the international community.

Safadi warned of the threat posed by a shift in US policy on settlements and its impact on peace efforts at a time when the peace process is facing “unprecedented threats” as a result of unilateral Israeli policies and actions that impede the chances of a resolution to the conflict.

“Settlements in occupied #Palestine are a blatant violation of Int’l law & UNSCRs. They are an illegal action that’ll kill 2-state solution. Jordan’s position in condemning them is unwavering. We warn against dangerous consequences of US change of position on settlements on MEPP,” Safadi tweeted.

“The occupation’s… abuse and breach of international legitimacy will not achieve peace or ensure security and stability,” Safadi said in the statement.

The foreign minister reaffirmed the need for urgent and effective international action to safeguard what remains of peace prospects on the basis of the two-state solution, before Israeli violations and illegal measures make it “impossible”.


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  1. Unfortunately Jordan relies on US to secure their future, consequently it is dangerous to disagree with US (and Israeli) policies. What a sad state of affairs.

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