Al-Bukhari: the master in the science of Prophetic narrations


His mother woke up and said happily: “What a pleasant dream! Allah’s messenger Ibraaheem, may Allah exalt his mention, appeared in my dream, and said: ‘O woman! Allah restored your son’s eye sight because of your frequent supplications’.” She said: “O Allah, make it a glad tiding. O Allah answer my supplications and restore the sight of my child.”

The pious mother walked to her son’s room, hardly able to move her feet. When she reached his bed, she was about to wake him up but she hesitated. Her broken heart was beating and she kept tenderly and kindly caressing his head with her shaky hands. She was still supplicating and hoping that Allah would answer her frequent supplications and cure her son. The young boy woke up and started looking in amazement and moving his eyelids in confusion. He said in a breaking voice:

“Mother! I can see you, I can see your beautiful face! I can see my room and my toys!”

All perfect praise be to Allah! All perfect praise be to Allah! Allah gave me back my eyesight!!”

She was so happy that she thought she was dreaming. But she soon realised that it was real when she saw her beloved son running and playing as he used to do. Filled with faith and happiness, she said: “All perfect praise be to Allah! All perfect praise be to Allah who has the power to do everything.”

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