Ghost ‘sightings’ as explained by science


The Muslim Times has the best collection on the theme of religion & science and to refute exorcisms

Source: Yahoo

By Beth Greenfield

 “Ghosts are real” is an extremely common belief – for example, one 45 percent of Americans have, according to a recent YouGov poll.

But what about everyone else? That would be the skeptics, in varying degrees. Yahoo Lifestyle turned to several, with backgrounds in psychology and an interest in the paranormal, to find some reasonable explanations for when people say they see, hear, feel or otherwise experience hauntings.

We’re far from the first to look for answers.

“For over 200 years, many people, even scientists, have sought evidence for ghosts and life after death,” writes Sherry A. Hill, a paranormal researcher and author of Scientifical Americans: The Culture of Amateur Paranormal Researchers, in a recent blog. “There are millions of pages of previous research and experimentation into paranormal ideas. Definite proof has never been found.”

But according to Benjamin Radford, author of Investigating Ghosts: The Scientific Search for Spirits, logical explanations are abundant. “There are various reasons why people experience ghosts — or, more correctly, experience what they interpreted as ghosts.”

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