Islamic State Baghdadi raid video released as US general warns of Isis reprisal attacks


General Kenneth McKenzie says Isis will remain a threat as he shows footage of raid on leader’s Syria hideout

Julian Borger in Washington
Wed 30 Oct 2019


Pentagon releases video of raid on Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s compound – video

The US military has said it expects a retribution attack in the wake of the killing of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, as it released the first footage of the raid by commandos on the Isis leader’s hideout.

The Pentagon showed brief black-and-white aerial footage on Wednesday night of the raid and the subsequent bombing of Baghdadi’s compound in northern Syria.

One video showed small black silhouettes of US soldiers approaching the walls of the compound. In another bombs could be seen falling on the site followed by a flash and the screen turning grey.

The head of US Central Command, General Kenneth McKenzie, said the bombing took place after all the attackers and survivors had been evacuated, and was carried out so that the compound near the Turkish border did not become a shrine.

McKenzie was unable to confirm Trump’s claim that the Isis leader was “crying, whimpering” in the moments before his death.

He said Baghdadi’s remains – collected after he blew himself up in a tunnel, killing two children he had taken with him – had been buried at sea. McKenzie said initial reports said three children, but later analysis showed two. Both were under 12 years old, he said.

McKenzie said the US was under no illusions it had destroyed Isis, and warned the group would try to take revenge.

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  1. Anyone who kills children is a cowering, whimpering little shit.

    That scum had it coming. Good riddance.

    Retribution? Maybe. In their eyes.

    Most of us Americans view ISIS as tiny little insects. A minor nuisance really. It is hard to take them very seriously when we have tomahawks, bunker busters, drones, nukes, rail guns, nuclear-powered Zumwalts….

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