Flashback: IOM in Iraq Newsletter July 2005

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Foreword by the Chief of Mission

Last month I carried my suitcase, my briefcase, the helmet and the bullet proof vest and flew to Baghdad on a working visit, where I discussed and negotiate pending issues with the Independent Election Commission of Iraq. Also I met the IOM national staff to discuss programmatic issues.

The month of June also saw the Mission’s programmes once more strengthening and developing their reach. The IRI programme has selected the first three candidates and they have in the meantime taken up their new assignment in Baghdad. They would be assigned to the Council of Ministers Secretariat for one year as Director General. Therefore I would like to wish them success and a safe stay. Up to date the programme accepted 45 applications from qualified Iraqi candidates.

IOM’s two programmes in the field of capacity-building for migration continue to support the development of the Ministry of Displacement and Migration and other ministries. The Capacity Building in Migration Management programme (CBMM), together with the Government of Australia facilitated a three days Document Examination training for several Iraqi officers located at border crossing points. Such training is highly needed at this time.
The Iraq Property Claims Programme has set up a mailbox in Geneva to collect claims, register and forward them to the IPCC for process, the idea came up as a response to the absence of outsides claims offices for claimants living outside Iraq. The IPCC reported that a total of 84,405 claims have been filed so far.

The Mission held successful Essentials of Migration Management (EMM) training in Amman, attended by IOM Iraq project managers as well as IOM Jordan and Kuwait Chief of Missions and myself. As part of IOM’s responsibilities, the workshop training introduced and reinforced key elements of the EMM. Lively role-play encouraged managers to look at the work and responsibilities of 50 years of IOM experiences from all perspectives.

Public Information Unit filmed a new interactive CD-Rom for the Security Awareness Induction Training (SAIT) which will enhance security awareness in the future as well as promote distance learning for UN/IOM staff members. The CD-Rom entailed both correct and incorrect procedures so that the staff members would complete their mission successfully. All other programmes continue to deliver real and tangible benefits to the Iraqi people.

Finally, I would like to once more thank our staff, partners and donors for their hard work and support. We look forward to more achievements for the best of the Iraqi people.

Rafiq A.Tschannen

Chief of Mission


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