Justin Trudeau blackface: ‘It’s a non-issue’ say Canadians


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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau apologized Wednesday night for wearing brownface at a 2001 “Arabian Nights”-themed party—less than two hours after TIME published a previously unreported yearbook photo from the event at the private school where he was teaching.

In a new revelation, Trudeau also admitted that he wore blackface “makeup” in high school to sing “Day-O,” a Jamaican folk song famously performed by African-American singer and civil rights activist Harry Belafonte.

“When I was in high school I dressed up at a talent show and sang ‘Day O.’ With makeup on,” he said.

A third instance emerged Thursday—this one a grainy video showing Trudeau in blackface, raising his hands in the air. Zita Astravas, the media relations lead of the Liberal Party of Canada, which Trudeau is the leader of, confirmed that the video showed Trudeau from the early 1990s. It comes despite Trudeau being asked Wednesday whether there were any other incidents he wanted to own up to. “The fact of the matter is that I’ve always—and you’ll know this—been more enthusiastic about costumes than is sometimes appropriate,” he responded.

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