Premier of Pakistan Imran Khan telling lies about situation of minorities in Pakistan. Part1; By Nazir S Bhatti

Pakistan Christian Post
Thursday, 05 September 2019


After revoking Article 370 by India of Kashmir, Pakistan is put on fire by Imran Khan and Pakistan Army with statements of violation of minority rights in India and praising what Pakistan provides to minorities in Pakistan. We need to analysis situation of minorities in Islamic Republic of Pakistan?

Firstly, Pakistani lawmakers targeted minorities by adopting 11th Amendment in constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan of 1937, when Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, Ahmadi and other religious communities in Pakistan we declared Non-Muslim; It was first step to scratch religious identities of Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, Ahmadis and others that there must be two categories of humans to be known as Muslims and Non-Muslims. This was sure to decrease share of resources of state amongst its citizens.

Secondly, This amendment in constitution bared representation of religious minorities in parliament and Muslim majority law makers were provided with a chance to nominate minority members in parliament of their choice after receiving big amount of bribes which were called party donations after revoking Separate Election System which enabled Christians to vote a Christian representative in Parliament, Hindu voters to Hindu candidates on reserved seats of parliament for minorities.

The Minority Community felt unsafe after 4th Amendment in Constitution when Ahmadi Muslims were declared Non-Muslims and other religious communities after decades met with same fate to face challenges of under title of Non-Muslims.

Lets, discuss what were issues of religious minorities after formation of Islamic Republic of Pakistan in 1973, when constitution was declared Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan? Why the Muslim majority felt need to adopt a constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan?

To be continued:



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  1. A Pakistani TV channel had reported that Christian/Hindu/Sikh population has been reduced in Pakistan, from 24% at partition in 1947 to down to 2%, etc. Google it and see. This is similar to what’s happened in Kashmir, the Majority community MOBS ethinically cleansed Kashmiri Pandits as late as in the late 1990’s, killing thousands, including women and children, raping thousands of women, forcing over 400000 to flee their own lands in their own country to other areas of India! Ancestors of these Hindus had lived there for thousands of years, long before Muslim invaders arrived in that land! Most of these muslims are forcibly converted from other religions of that region. How can the Free World allow this to happen in such recent times? It may still be going on, as reported by many free media.

  2. Look Somi, you forget that I have been there and I have seen how the Americans destabilized and destroyed Iraq and Libya. Same thing trying their best to do in Lebanon. Succeeding also in Syria. Yes, the ‘locals’ are stupid to fall in their trap and kill each other also, but I tell you the Americans and Israelis and their faithful servants the British and others are far from innocent.

    Saddam Hussain had to be removed. ok. Was it necessary to destroy the water and electricity infrastructure to capture him? Just an example.

    Sunni / Shiah enmities hardly existed under Saddam Hussain (except when the Americans told the Shiahs ‘topple Saddam we will help you’ and then they did not (after the first gulf war). Yes, any enemy of the dictator was in trouble, but that had nothing to do with Sunni or Shiah. Saddam Hussain had his own Sunni son-in-law killed when he became disloyal.

    Yes, complicated. In a few lines of comments I cannot explain it all.

    But your repetitions of blaming all on extremist Muslims is tiring and untrue.

    • Yes, the root of conflict is the extremist Muslim every where— US to help the good people to fight the extremist Muslim— US wanted to destroy Sadam’s regimes— not only Sadam Husen🙏

      • by destroying the whole country. Absolutely stupid. But my understanding is that this was not a mistake but intended that way.

  3. The root of problem still the extremist Muslim intolerant who create conflict and poverty—they are afraid to live side by side—they want to find the peaceful country to live and they leave their own home and poverty.
    The same thing in Iraq, Syria,— most people immigrant to Europe in which peaceful countries, and good future for their kids.
    Ahmadiyyah Nuslim were forced to leave their country 100 years ago by the extremist Muslim intolerant.

    • And the Americans who bomb, and the Israelis who bomb, and the Americans who deliver arms, and the Israelis who deliver arms … they are all angels. (according to Somi).

      • If Saudi (Sunni ) and Iran( shiah) can live in peace as Muslim brother— no countries can take a side— because both always fight each other and kill each others since thousand years ago—other countries such such as: Israel, US and Rusia take a side each other for its interests— can you see that ? Rafiq!

        So as long ad Saudi and Iran can not accept their differences others parties will take a side and as long as Saudi and Iran do not obey Human Right and women right— there is no PEACE— this is the core of peace.

        Arab leaders should learn from Christian leaders from Europes countries. They can live in peace and harmony because they obey Human Right.

        I told this many times, you just ignore it. What can I do !

    • Somi doesn’t know how nice Syria was before the CIA and MOSSAD swamped it with arms. Self-sufficient. No debts. Producing a lot of what the country needed themselves. Agriculture. Textile Industry etc.etc. Neighboring countries used to go shopping there. Jordan, Lebanon … Then came the US / Israeli plan of destruction and destabilization … and after that came the refugees. Yes, the Arabs themselves are also to blame. Why should they kill each other just because the Americans and Israelis (and their hand-servants in the gulf) swamped the country with arms. I am not saying the Arabs themselves are innocent, but definitely the Americans and Israelis are not innocent either.

      • Rafiq—I post this wisdom of God— you always ignore it— why? You do not believe God’s reminder anymore? Read this again!

        Whatever misfortune happens to you, is because of the things your hands have wrought —Q.42:30

        What is wrong with Syria, Iraq and others?

        Egypt and Jordan accepted Peace with Israel— they are happy now—- but Syria, Palestine and other Arab countries do not want peace with Israel – they still want to expel Jews from their lands which is God has given to Moses followers 2500 years ago.
        You see the differences between Egypt, Jordan and other Arab countries???

        Another wisdom
        A wise man always look at to himself if something wrong— but a fool always blame others-/

        You are a fool Rafiq??
        I do not think so— you are smart people— but you just ignor God’s WISDOM.

        That is your problem you do not realize it. Sad😞

      • Somi, of course you are correct to some extent. Iran and Saudis should cooperate not fight each other. (and similar) They are Muslim brothers after all. BUT … you think Israel and the USA are innocent of all mischief. That is where you are wrong. Should I call you Mr. FIFTY PERCENT?

      • I never say that Israel and USA are innocent— some what they are make mistake like you, me and your Imam too—

        But Saudi and Iran make a huge mistakes — that is why Allah still favour Israel and USA— God still love USA and Israel—

        You should see thing with different view— not from one side, that is why you cannot see the truth— sad 😞

      • Ah, you finally admit that Israel and USA are not innocent. Thanks. We are coming closer.

      • I am happy we are getting closer—we can come the the sama point— if you avoid hatret toward US .

        If you heart full with hate, you can see a good and right what US di in this world—-all Muslim Ahmafiyyah feel happy live in USA—comper to their own country or Islamic countries—
        What is wrong with Islamic countries? Your imam can answer it rightly. O K

      • You see what US is doing ‘back home’ and I see what US is doing ‘out there’. Unfortunately not the same. In USA the rich may be sucking off the poor (Walmart paying non-living wages while the owner has billions to spare), but the destruction and destabilization they do ‘out there’ (for economic and political gain).

      • I see who you are—you do not like to see a rich man which is Allah trust and love him— he creates thousands and thousands jobs for the poor people who need job around the world—I think you has ideology of socialism. No wonder you hate US and Israel —you better live Cuba or North Korea.
        Wisdom of God.
        Those who can help many people’s life be better —he is a best human—

        Owner of Wall Mart help many people
        Bill Gate help many people with Internet
        Steve Jobs help many people with Smart phone
        There are many good people in US.That is why Allah bless US.
        US help thousands Ahmadiyyah Muslim too. They can live in peace ✌️

      • agree that there are many good people in USA. It is just the political agenda of destruction and destabilization which I do not like (and which I have observed in practice, as you know).

    • Who loves America’s policy of destruction and destabilization? The Israelis, who masterminded it, no one else according to my knowledge.

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