The Gambia: Ahmadiyaa Muslim Jamaat gives Tobaski Food Aid to Tanka Tanka Psychiatric hospital


Ahmadiyaa Muslim Jama’at The Gambia, Saturday donated food aid to Tanka Tanka Psychiatric hospital and Mile 2 prisons as part of their gesture for the Muslim feast of Tobaski which was observe on Sunday.

Ahmadiyya Muslims in The Gambia.jpg

The Jama’at presented three bags of 50kg of rice, a bag of onion, a bag of potato, a goat and two gallons of 20 litters of cooking oil to Tanka Tanka and nine bags of 50kg of rice, two goats, bags of onion and potato to Mile 2 prison.

Receiving the materials on behalf of the Tanka Tanka Psychiatric hospital matron, Baba Manneh, a nursing officer said the gesture is a long-time initiative of the Ahmadiyaa Muslim Jama’at and thanked them for it.

He said they are grateful to the Jama’at for their continuous support, adding that the Jama’at are very concern about them and about mental health in The Gambia.

Ebrima Mbowe, deputy Amir of the Ahmadiyaa Muslim Jama’at The Gambia said they were grateful to Tanka Tanka for their acceptance of the gifts even though it was small.  “We will continue to help and it is in our minds to do more any time we come,” he said, while urging them to pray for each other for the routine to continue at a bigger magnitude.

He also called on philanthropists and …read more at source.

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