Ghana: Develop Spirit of Self-Sacrifice – Ahmadiyya Maulvi Cheema Urges Muslims

Source: | By Cliff Ekuful

Muslims in the country were yesterday admonished to develop the spirit of self-sacrifice and submit to the will of Allah (God) if they are to attain nearness to him and be beneficiary of his favour.

Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission Ghana, Maulvi Naeem Ahmed Cheema

According to a Central missionary of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission Ghana, Maulvi Naeem Ahmed Cheema, it was important for Muslims to come to the realisation that, the religion they professed was one of self-sacrifice and submissiveness.

Addressing a sermon at the congregational prayer service of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission as part of the celebration of this year’s Eid ul Adha festival at the Bustan-e-Ahmed grounds at Ashongman in Accra yesterday, Maulvi Cheema said the only way they could attain the favour of God was by espousing the aforementioned tenets.

“Whatever is sacrificed, be it animals or others in the course of God are only symbolic. What is acceptable to God is the belief of the Muslim in His Oneness and abstinence from sin and unrighteous conduct,” he emphasised.

Maulvi Cheema explained that the celebration of the Eid commemorated the collective sacrifices of Prophet Ibrahim, his wife Hajara and son Ismail in complying with the directions of God in raising the foundations of the Kaaba in Mecca which was also described in the Holy Quran as the first house built for the worship of God.

He noted that following the construction of the Kaaba, God instructed Prophet Ibrahim to … read more at source.


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