Trump’s comments about killing millions of Afghans expose the immorality of western foreign policy

The ‘enemy’ is always an abstract concept and so who really cares if millions of civilians get slaughtered in the process of war?

Nabila Ramdani
The Independent Voices

Apocalyptic-grade stupidity comes easily to Donald Trump, but his latest words about the ongoing war in Afghanistan were as monumentally macabre as they were moronic. In comments filmed in the Oval Office during a meeting with Pakistani prime minister Imran Khan on Monday, the commander-in-chief of America’s armed forces suggested that the near two decades long conflict could be resolved with a Muslim holocaust.

The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan could be “wiped off the face of the Earth”, Trump blustered. He first said that killing 10 million people out of a population of just under 35 million would take 10 days, and then a week.

Given that there are currently, at most, 200,000 Taliban-led fighters involved in the insurgency in Afghanistan, this would mean at least nine and a half million innocent men, women, and children being killed if Trump went down this “route”, as he called his genocidal strategy for victory.

Trump qualified his plan by saying that he was far more interested in extricating himself from the conflict, but even that claim rings very hollow. The longest war in America’s history started with a US invasion in 2001 when a neocon administration wanted to be seen to be doing something following the horrific 9/11 attacks.

This desire for continual offensive action persists, with Trump’s closest military advisers outlining compelling reasons for keeping the war in Afghanistan going indefinitely. Never mind that the so-called War on Terror, a catch-all conflict enabler, has claimed millions of lives, and led directly to an inordinately sharp rise in terrorism. It is a perfect vehicle for the most ruthless type of speculator.

Afghanistan – as with Iraq, Palestine and Yemen – is a place where the west’s military-industrial complex can derive massive profits from a state of permanent conflict. Those involved in arms sales and testing make billions of dollars, not just through supplying conventional armies, but also the related security industry that is now one of the biggest businesses in the world.

The Israeli war machine is one of the best funded in the world because many foreign-policy hawks consider the never-ending and wholly asymmetrical combat against Palestine to be eminently desirable. The latest western tech assists with illegal landgrabs and occupation, and then it is turned on Palestinian civilians and their property at the first sign of resistance. The Palestinian arsenal ranges from outdated ordnance to slings – the Israelis are confident that they will always win their eternal war.

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A U.S. Special Operations soldier returns fire while conducting multi-day Afghan-led offensive operations against the Taliban in Mohammad Agha district, Logar Province, Afghanistan, July 28, 2018. (U.S. Air Force/Staff Sgt. Nicholas Byers)

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  1. If the Muslims could GET ALONG with each other, then there would be NO NEED for any American presence. Muslims murder each other, and somehow that is America’s fault? When are Muslims gonna take responsibility for their own bloodshed?

    Wars are meant for gaining peace, not to destabilize. I was in the Persian Gulf when the Taliban was causing mayhem long before 9/11. And long before that, Russia was at war in Afghanistan, and Russia is by no means WESTERN in their thinking. So we knew from the onset that Afghanistan was gonna be a HARD ROAD to WIN a war, much like Vietnam. But this was much different, as the Taliban was harboring a criminal, who acted like he was Rambo living in caves yelling, “They (Americans) drew First Blood”.

    If we purchase oil, and those tankers are getting hi-jacked by MUSLIMS, should we not PROTECT our investment?

    The reason that we fight to win, is so that PEACE may be achieved. The Japanese signed a surrender onboard the USS Missouri, and we have been allies with Japan ever since. I’ve been aboard the USS Missouri when I was a child when it was decommissioned for a tour. I was active duty navy what it was re-commissioned. I was also active duty navy when it was decommissioned again.

    I was stationed in Yokosuka, Japan, the place of our FORMER enemy. I loved being in Japan, and made some friends while there. I met the general manager of Panasonic National corporation while dining in Tokyo in 1985. I bought him some wine, he bought us (me and my buddies) beer. We had a great time. Peace with a former enemy. Imagine that!!!???

    It’s possible, ya know. That’s our goal in war. But you people wouldn’t know that, now would you?

    Oh, it’s Israel, not Palestine.

    Ed Chapman

    • dream on. All American wars are meant to destabilize and destroy. Can you name one that brought peace? (After world war 2)?

  2. Rafiq,

    As a Christian, MY God has NO PROBLEM with INDIVIDUAL Muslims. God did indeed bless Ishmael.

    I have no doubt in my mind that in MY Christian theology, there are MANY MANY MANY MANY Muslims in Heaven (they just don’t get any virgins, cuz there is no sex in heaven).

    This issue with Israel, as it relates to Isaac and Ishmael, it’s a SPIRITUAL warfare, telling a story of ETERNITY, having nothing to do you YOUR aggression’s against Israel at all, or Israel’s aggression towards Muslims.

    But, God is USING Muslims and Jews to tell a STORY about Eternity.

    The PROMISED LAND is NOT about a small piece of real estate in the Middle East. It’s about HEAVEN. It just so happens that the Land of Canaan (Israel) is the CARNAL piece of real estate that is being PORTRAYED as a SPIRITUAL HEAVEN, the real promised land.

    Both Isaac and Ishmael are USED by God to portray that story. We define this as PROPHESY, in that God USES people to tell a story. The carnal is a PICTURE of the spiritual.

    Israel (CARNAL) is a STORY about HEAVEN (spiritual), the Promised Land.

    Isaac is a carnal depiction of FREEDOM, as Ishmael is a CARNAL depiction BONDAGE.

    It’s not that God has anything against Ishmael. He doesn’t, and never has. This is from the Christian perspectives.

    The same with the Pharaoh and Moses. The Pharaoh was USED by God to tell a story, in that Moses is a depiction of Jesus, the REDEEMER from BONDAGE from SIN, and in the PLAY, the part of the Devil is played by the Pharaoh. The devil wants us in bondage to sin, God wants to SET US FREE.

    God has NOTHING against the Pharaoh himself, and DUE TO the Pharaoh being USED by God to tell a story about Jesus, the Pharaoh is IN HEAVEN with Jesus, sharing a cup of WINE FROM THE VINE.

    So all the differences that Muslims have against the Christians and the Jews…it’s so that God can tell a story about ETERNITY, in that the only people that can get to heaven are those who:

    1. Have FAITH (Caleb and Joshua)
    2. Have NO KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL (Innocent).

    The problem with number 2 is that we all have a form of knowledge of good and evil (Except for children), therefore, it is of FAITH ALONE, just like ABRAHAM when he had NO BOOK to tell him anything about sin (The Law).

    God does NOT hold anyone to account that is ignorant of sin. But we all must give an account for our behavior. God is the judge, we are not.

    I just thought I would share this so that you can understand where some of us Christians are coming from regarding ISRAEL, and the Jews.

    Ishmael didn’t like Isaac that much, and it is still that way today. But it is a SPIRITUAL issue, not a personal issue between our faiths. My bible states, “We do NOT fight against FLESH AND BLOOD.

    This whole thing, is a story between God, and Satan. Satan is already judged, but he wants to take as many humans with him as he can before the final curtain falls.

    If people would only read the TORAH and the WRITINGS in a spiritual manner, Muslims would NOT be enemies of the west at all. But they can’t see the spiritual story, and therefore, we continue just as we always have (Muslims hating the Jews/Christians) and the Muslims will always call the Jews OCCUPIERS of Israel.

    Muslims don’t have a CLUE that Israel is a depiction of HEAVEN, and they don’t have a clue that the Children of Israel is USED as a depiction of the PEOPLE that get to go to heaven, because they don’t see MOSES as the REDEEMER (Jesus) from the BONDAGE of sin (Egypt), or that the Pharaoh being depicted as Satan).

    I hope you can understand. Seek our use of the Torah, and compare your use of the Torah. HUGE difference. We see a multitude of prophesies. You guys just see it as a book, and have made changes to that book (you will deny this, of course). Expository preaching gains NOTHING.

    I challenge you to study our use of the REAL Jewish Torah, and TELL ME if you CAN’T SEE Jesus all over the place in it. He’s there…all over the place. It’s not about Mohamed at all, no more than its about Joseph Smith, either. Try it and see. Or, ignore it, and see.


    Ed Chapman

    • you may have noticed, humans have freedom to do whatever they like to do, good things and stupid things

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