World War 3: The country equipped with most natural assets if Iran-US nuclear war occurs

WORLD WAR THREE fears escalated today as Iran declared the “permanent closure of diplomacy” with the US. It has sparked suggestions over the safest country in the world to flee to to escape nuclear radiation and nuclear conflict, should it strike between the states.

By Beth Allcock

PUBLISHED: 10:15, Tue, Jun 25, 2019


World War Three worries have escalated after the apparent end of good relations between the US and Iran. Tensions between the states have escalated for months, with the latter pulling out of their joint arms agreement and today declaring the “permanent closure” of diplomacy. has previously reported on the country with the most amount of bunkers to shelter from nuclear fallout. Now, many sources have claimed a top country to escape to to survive in, with running water, geographical location and land resistant to radiation poisoning.

One user of the website wrote: “Brazil is a country that is neutral on every major conflict, with important ties to all sides.

“Being outside the range of the first wave of missiles, it will have the most land where you won’t die of radiation poisoning in minutes, so that’s where everyone will go for the final battle of sticks and stones as predicted by Einstein.”

Meanwhile, on the Quora site, another cited Brazil and continued: “Where is the majority of the drinkable water in the world? Brazil.

“Brazil is also a great agriculture superpower.


“In Brazil you wont die out of nuclear fallout, hunger or thirst if you survive the civil war that follows WW3.”

Meanwhile, Britons who fear potential WW3 conflict should head to Switzerland for bunker protection, according to experts.
It is claimed the region has had an extensive network of fallout shelters since the 1960s.

The law ensured all residential buildings created after 1978 contained a nuclear shelter, which could withstand a blast from a distance of 700 metres.

Subsequent laws showed residents should have at least a shelter near to their accommodation.
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  1. Already during the ‘cold war’ European’s super rich bought farms first in Canada and later, when it was thought that during a nuclear war all the northern hemisphere will be affected, in Brazil. The Swiss family that owns HOLCIM, the world’s largest Cement company, owns a large tract of land in Brazil. In fact one son who went to look after it liked it so much that he did not want to return to Switzerland at all. (Just one example)

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