As a refugee in one of Libya’s dangerous detention centres, I know what it feels like when the world leaves you behind

In the eyes of the guards that lord over us, we left our human dignity and respect behind when we attempted to seek safety. Not only are we scared and starving, but the threat of another attack looms over us every day

Mario Malie
The Independent Voices

I am a refugee detained on the dangerous front lines of Tripoli’s conflict.

There is barely any food and clean water. There is no rest with the noise of heavy weapons. Even now, the guards abuse us.
I feel terrible about the loss of my brothers and sisters two weeks ago, who had been detained for years in Tajoura camp just waiting for relocation and to get their freedom, before they were killed in an air strike. It is a crime I can’t forget. Who is responsible for their death?

We panic every day. We are dying slowly, because of too much depression and starvation. Thinking too much makes it hard for me to sleep. I’m always conscious of the airplanes which come in the night.

Just behind our centre falls a lot of bombs. Continuous bombing is very disturbing. The manager of our detention centre gave us no information about transferring to a safer place – really, I don’t know what they are thinking. I’ve never been intimidated before like I am now. Since I want to act like a man, I hide it inside.



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