Migrants and refugees in Libya are still in peril – and Europe’s ‘business as usual’ approach is making things worse

More people are vulnerable to attacks like the one that killed 50 last week, and health ministry officials are getting desperate. Still, even after the UN’s human rights agency begged for action, nothing has changed

Bel Trew
The Independent Voices

Just days after 50 migrants and refugees were killed when an airstrike hit a detention centre in Libya – with no way to escape – nearly 100 people have been sent to the exact same place.

The squalid facility, housed within west Libyan militia barracks, is nestled into a frontline between armed groups loyal to the recognised government in Tripoli and the self-styled national army of warlord general Khalifa Haftar.

According to a recent New York Times investigation, the centre is actually sitting next to a weapons depot which has already been struck, making it a prime target for yet another attack.

Survivors of the horrific 3 July attack, who were sleeping in the open terrified of another strike, were actually released or evacuated after the UN intervened.

But on Friday, 95 more vulnerable people were moved there by the West Libyan authorities according to Medecins Sans Frontieres.



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