Be role model to your children – Muslim parents told

Ghana News Agency


Sunday 7th July, 2019

By Afedzi Abdullah, GNA

Cape Coast, July 7, GNA – The Majlis Ansarullah, (elders of the Ahmadiyya community) in the Abura Zone have held its first rally with a call on members to act as positive examples to their children and the young ones in the society.

The rally, which was held under the theme: “the role of Ansarullah (elders) in building a strong Muslim home”, was aimed at working towards improving the spirituality, moral, social and physical development of members to increase their faith in Allah.

Speaking on the theme, Murabi Ahmad Boaheng, Abura Circuit Missionary of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission, said there is the need for the elders to teach the Holy Quran with its true meaning to their children and the younger generation in the community.

He said as elders of their respective communities, they have the duty to guide the world towards peace and prosperity.

This, he said, could only be achieved if they are able to impact good values and morals in their children and those in their care.
Murabi Boaheng noted with regret that though having a productive household is one of the most fulfilling and beneficial aspect of life, it is often neglected as a goal to achieve in Muslim homes.

However, he said, strong productive families were the foundation of healthy civilization and they helped make individuals healthy mentally and emotionally.

In this regard, he advised that it should be an ambition towards which every Muslim parent should direct their children as they grew up.
He noted that the most contribution a father could provide was to provide values and morals to their children.

Murabi Boaheng explained that the strongest Muslim home is the one where members of the family are committed to faith learning, spiritual development, compassion, understanding and forgiveness.

He quoted various verses from the Holy Qur’an and the Hadith to espouse how Islam placed much emphasis on cultivating good values and morals in children.

In building a strong Muslim home, he proposed for Muslim parents to fear Allah, be forgiving, smile often and be patient with family members, control their anger and above all, pray for their family.

Murabi Boaheng called on the elders to keep company with the righteous and knowledgeable as they were more likely to discuss useful topics and could be excellent sources of information.

Alhaji Ahed Nurideen, Deputy President of the Majlis Ansarullah, Ghana (Southern Sector), admonished members to intensify their sacrifice and continually ensure the progress and development of the Jamaat.

In this way, he said they would be rewarded abundantly by Allah with Heaven after death, which is the ultimate goal of every human being on earth.

Mr Stephen Arhin, Cape Coast North Chairman of the NPP who represented the Member of Parliament for the area, Mrs Barbara Asher Ayisi implored on members to continue exhibiting the tenets of Islam.

He asked the Muslims to continue to pray for the country’s leaders as well as its peace and stability.

Dr Musah Dankwah, Abura Zonal President of the Ansarullah (Elders) urged the elders to be good examples by embracing the new zonal system introduced by the Ahmadiyya Mission which he likened to the decentralised governance system of the country.

He said the ultimate aim of the zonal system was to ensure more physical and spiritual development at the local Jema’ah levels.



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