Canada by the numbers: Happiness, immigration, life expectancy and more

Source: CBC

By Jonathon Gatehouse

Monday is Canada Day, and to mark the country’s 152nd birthday, here are some numbers you should know:

37,578,285 — Canada’s population as of 12:15 p.m. ET on Friday.

3,463,000 — the country’s estimated population in 1867.

46,995,360 — the number of maple taps in Canadian trees in 2016.


36,581 — the number of people who attended Canada Day celebrations on Parliament Hill last year.

34.7 C — the daily high temperature in Ottawa last July 1.

11 — the number of statutory holidays in most Canadian provinces and territories.

19 — the number in Japan this year, due to the ascension of the new emperor.

28 — the number of public holidays in Cambodia.


1st — Canada’s rank among the 25 countries that accepted UN refugees in 2018.

28,100 — the number of refugees who resettled here last year.

1.4 million — the number of people in need of permanent resettlement.


9th — Canada’s ranking among nations in the latest World Happiness Report, just behind New Zealand and ahead of Austria.

5th — Canada’s ranking in 2015.

82.782 years — the life expectancy in Canada for 2019.

13th — this country’s ranking for life expectancy, behind Sweden and ahead of South Korea.

5.4 per cent — Canada’s jobless rate in May, the lowest figure in at least 43 years.


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