Ahmadis in Pakistan face persecution, flee to Nepal

Under Pakistani law, Ahmadis are not allowed to call themselves Muslim.

NEW DELHI: Pakistan’s Ahmadi community, which is facing severe persecution by the Pakistani government, are fleeing in large numbers to the Himalayan state of Nepal.

The Ahmadiyya community has accused Prime Minister Imran Khan of stirring religious hatred against them and several have taken refuge in Nepal in recent months, ET has learnt.

Khan, in the lead-up to the July 2018 elections that brought him to power, backed anti-blasphemy laws that included death penalty and a disc ..

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Nepal a Religious Refuge for many Pakistani Ahmadi Muslims

Nepal a Religious Refuge for many Pakistani Ahmadi Muslims

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  1. Hi Rafiq, how are you, your family and Amadiyyah communities in Lombok now?

    TMT Moderator has kicked me out from TMT’s follower.
    Very sad indeed.

    Hopefully you and your family live in peace and happiness in Lombok.
    With my love ❤️

    • NO ! I am not aware of this. Please keep coming ! May be need to ‘re-enter’? Not sure what may have happened. Alhamdolillah. Everything fine in Lombok (or rather it is as it was and is). Not bad, but still some challenges ahead. And the beach is great and the waves are nice and the turtles keep welcoming us.

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