Why did Ottoman sultans safeguard Islam’s holy relics in Istanbul?

With Topkapi Palace, the administrative and residential power centre of the house of Ottomans, the Turkish government has inherited many valuable holy relics including the Prophet Muhammad’s personal belongings.

Source: TRT World

On a recent Ramadan day, as the hot sun rays fell over Istanbul’s Topkapi Palace, a large number of local and foreign tourists flocked to the historic building where the  Ottoman sultans resided from the conquest of Istanbul in 1453 until the mid-19th Century.

After visiting the different columns of the palace, where the antique series of watches, cutlery and dinner sets are exhibited, many tourists moved further to stand in a long queue outside what is called the Chamber of the Holy Relics. The space houses some of the most precious relics of Islam, from the Holy Mantle of Prophet Muhammad, whom Muslims consider the last messenger of God and honour him by adding the term ‘peace be upon him’, to swords that are believed to be used by him and his four companions: Abu Bakr, Umar ibn al Khattab, Uthman ibn Affan, Ali ibn Abi Talib.

The museum also features other materials believed to be used by prophets such as Moses, Abraham, Joseph and David.

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  1. add= 2=it is saved with Sahabi Owais Qurni r.a ‘s family

    1=photo of the cloak of Hazrat Muhammad PBUH
    2=it is saved with Sahabi Owais Qurni r.a’s family.
    3=Hazrat Muhammad PBUH sent salam to Promised Messiah a.s. and Owais Qarni r.a. because he served his mother and could come to see him pbuh.

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