At 2.30am, an Irish hotel lays a full breakfast buffet for the only Muslim guest fasting in Ramadan

by Adeel Malik
May 14, 2019,

A Dublin hotel has received some well deserved praise for a lovely gesture they made for a guest.

The ibis hotel at Red Cow was approached by a Muslim customer who was fasting for Ramadan as reported by Dublin Live.

The man requested a snack from the hotel before they began the Ramadan fast, and the hotel said they would be happy to help and asked the guest to come downstairs from their room at 2.30am.

Not only did they fulfill the request, they went above and beyond for the man, who discovered there was an entire breakfast buffet laid out for him.

The hotel has been heaped with praise after the heartwarming story was shared by the man’s colleague on Twitter.

“He was the only person there. Humanity is still alive amidst all the hatred.”

The tweet has since received thousands of retweets and likes, with many commenting on how kind the hotel’s response was to the man.

One person said: “That’s humanity …. and thanks for spreading such beautiful gesture. That’s positivity that we all need . Thanks and respect.”

While another added: “Such high business morals and respect to others faith.”

Another story about a positive experience in Ireland during Ramadan was shared by a Twitter user.

Another user added that the Mercure Singapore, also part of the Accor Hotels group, serves a complimentary “pre-dawn meal menu” in each room for Muslims for Ramadan.

Guests then choose a time slot between 4 and 5am and their food is delivered straight to their room, Sharafat Shah said.


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