A Denver landlord who refused to rent to a Muslim to pay $675,000

Landlord who wouldn’t lease to Muslim pair must pay $675,000

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DENVER (AP) — A Denver landlord who was recorded telling her tenant to find an “American person … good like you and me” to sublease her property instead of a Muslim father and son seeking to open their second restaurant must pay the men $675,000 under a settlement.

The three men sued last year, generating local news coverage and online pleas to boycott the woman’s business, which mirrored the response to racist comments captured on tape or video across the U.S. in recent months. Public attention soon faded, and attorneys said they were headed for trial until the night before jury selection was set to begin in Denver.

The parties finalized the settlement in April. Rashad Khan said it was a relief after more than a year of reliving his first experience of someone refusing to work with him and his father, Zuned, because of their faith and race.

“My dad and I just wanted to know that there’s justice, that she can’t do this,” said Khan, 36.

The dispute focused on a building in the Denver neighborhood of Capitol Hill, surrounded by homes, coffee shops and grocery stores.

Craig Caldwell began renting the building on a corner lot in 2016 but decided to close his fried chicken restaurant there in late 2017. Caldwell had to continue paying rent for the five-year lease unless he could find someone to sublease it.

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  1. No one should be treated like this, it doesn’t matter what your beliefs, your race or religion is. Every human should be treated equally. No one has the right to discriminate, if the renters are people who will be living peacefully without any problems the women should not have a problem with renting the place to them. It’s not right to assume that “they aren’t good people” and I think she is well deserving of the consequences of her actions.

  2. Racism and Islamophobia is something that must be treated with a lot of care, patience and love. The true teachings of Islam shine for themselves once people take time to listen and understand them.

    No one should be denied a service because of their race, religion, or otherwise. Love for all, hatered for none.

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