NY rabbi: ‘Not even 1 million’ Jews killed in Holocaust

Yosef Mizrachi claims high assimilation rates inflated estimates; ‘he doesn’t know what he’s talking about,’ historian says

Source: The Times of Israel

A controversial ultra-Orthodox rabbi based in New York has said that fewer that one million Jews were killed in the Holocaust, claiming most of those counted among the usually cited figure of six million were not Jewish according to rabbinical law.

In a video posted online, Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi can be seen saying that high assimilation rates in pre-war Europe and broad Nazi definitions have exaggerated the numbers of Jews recorded as killed by the Nazis during the Holocaust. At least five million of the six million were “total goyim,” Mizrachi told the crowd, adopting a Hebrew word for non-Jews that many consider pejorative.

“The truth, I am telling you, is that not even one million Jews were murdered,” Mizrachi said, trashing accepted historical accounts. “A lot of non-Jews were meshed into the count, but in truth, how many Jews really were killed?”

Originally from Israel, Mizrachi moved to the United States in his twenties and received rabbinic ordination there. In the past decade he has been teaching at the Ohr Yeshiva in Monsey, New York, and producing kiruv or Jewish outreach, videos.

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  1. To editors and journalist of the world : If a newspaper or computer newsfeed staff has mission-statements of righteousness , they may even be personally righteous, yet, if their stories, headlines, and words are chosen and written in ways that create agitation, insults, arguments, resentments, guilt-trips, etc. on a daily basis, …..what does that say about them ? The ratio of people that read headlines to the people that read the entire story must be 10,000 to 1, at least…….News journals and medias hide their powers of influence from the public……..The fact that we have NEVER seen an article, news series, documentary on the science of propaganda, advertising, psychological manipulation of the masses, human weaknesses to media stimuli and simple suggestion, that fact says a whole lot………World peace can never be had as long as this continues……….what are they teaching journalist in our universities ? how did this happen ? …. Also, do not believe the politician’s opinions on the media,( Trump/ Obama) they take us further from the truth. They are in de facto cahoots with the press, and, they work together to create a stereotype of people that critique the media as being ” right wing” ……I also question the oft-heard description and concept of “left/right wing”, “liberal/conservative”,”spectrum”, these are false, misleading descriptions that set the public up for divide, from the get-go. The political universe can not be accurately described in such a simple fashion, to continue to repeat this, and teach this is a roadblock to peace and brotherhood…….Thanks for posting my stuff , you guys ! nothing personal here ! Understanding, forgiving, no grudges !

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