Video: Why I converted to Islam — Timothy J Winter of Cambridge University

Source of Videos: BBC Radio

TJ Winters; Shaykh Zayed Lecturer in Islamic Studies

Director of Studies, Wolfson College

Dean, The Cambridge Muslim College

Office Phone01223 763022


Dr Winter is on research leave until September 2020 and is unable to accept new PhD or postdoctoral research students until that time.

Subject area and speciality

Religious Studies specialists:
  • Sufism and the development of the Ottoman learned institution
  • Computerised hadith databases
  • Muslim-Christian relations
TJ Winters

TJ Winters.  Suggested reading and viewing: Video: Cat Stevens’ Path to Islam

Islamic studies specialists:
  • Sufism and the development of the Ottoman learned institution
  • Computerised hadith databases
  • Muslim-Christian relations
Scriptural language specialists:
Qur’anic Arabic

Qur’anic Arabic specialists:
Qur’anic Arabic

Research Interests

  • Sufism and the development of the Ottoman learned institution
  • Computerised hadith databases
  • Muslim-Christian relations

Other Professional Activities

  • 2007 King Abdullah I Prize for Islamic Thought
  • 2003 Pilkington Teaching Prize


Key Publications

  • ‘Terrorism and Islamic theologies of religiously-sanctioned war’, in Brian Wicker and David Fisher (eds), Just War on Terror? Christian and Muslim Responses. ( London: Ashgate 2010), 9-24.
  • ‘Biografska skica Marmaduke Pickthall’, Godisnkak BZK Preporod 9 (2009), 367-383.
  • ‘Jesus and Muhammad: new convergences’, Muslim World 99 (2009), 21-38.
  • ‘Poverty and the charism of Ishmael’, in Michael Ipgrave (ed.), Building a Better  Bridge: Muslims, Christians and the Common Good ( Georgetown: Georgetown University Press, 2008), 141-52, 168-71.
  • The Cambridge Companion to Classical Islamic Theology (edited volume). (Cambridge University Press, 2008), editor, also Introduction, pp.1-16.
  • ‘Ibn Kemal (940/1538) on Ibn ‘Arabi’s hagiology’. In Ayman Shihadeh (ed.), Sufism and Theology ( Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2007), 137-157.
  • Islam ve Hıristiyanlık: politik-teoloji denemeleri . ( Istanbul: Etkili s im, 2007.)
  • ‘Islamism and Europe’s Muslims: recent trends’, in Muslim Integration: Challenging conventional wisdom in Europe and the United States ( Washington: Center for Strategic and International Studies, 2007), 33-44.
  • ‘Ishmael and the Enlightenment’s crise de coeur: a response to Koshul and Kepnes,’ in Basit Bilal Koshul and Stephen Kepnes (eds), Scripture, Reason, and the Contemporary Islam-West Encounter: Studying the ‘Other’, Understanding the ‘Self’ ( New York and Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2007), 149-175.
  • ‘Mary in Islam’, in Sarah Jane Boss, Mary: The Complete Resource ( London: Continuum, 2007), 479-502.
  • ‘Qur’anic Reasoning as an academic practice’, Modern Theology 22:3 (July 2006), 449-63.
  • Abraham’s Children: Jews, Muslims and Christians in Conversation (Edited, with Richard Harries and Norman Solomon) ( Edinburgh: T&T Clark / Continuum, 2006).


Suggested reading

The Best Collection to Introduce Islam to the Fellow Christians

We have saved the above videos in the Muslim Times as well to ensure its longevity for the posterity:

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  1. Mr. Shah, show everybody how God arranged the geography of Earth, and the Holy Sites of all the world’s religions and tribes in a basic pattern of mathematical angles. Show people how God arranged the stars and constellations and cosmos in that same basic mathematical way of a circle cut into equal parts. Show people how Rapa Nui /Easter Island’s eastern-most point is 90 degree below the Dine’ (Navajo) Tribe Holy Mountain geometric center, a mountain called by them ” center of the world”, Easter Island, discovered Easter Sunday is called ” Navel Of The World “. Show the world how the Tohono O Oodham ( Papago) Tribe’s angular-shaped mountain peak that they call ” Center of the Universe” is 180 degrees from the southern-most point of the old Jerusalem Wall. Show the world how the Virgin Mary Miricle site in Guadelupe Mexico is exactly 180 degrees from the top of Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii. See the image of the Virgin Mary on that 180 line, in a caldera atop Mauna Loa. See all the hundreds of neat and exiting mathematical alignments that God made, that shows everybody that we are ALL a part of God’s show ! See the evidence at this site, and my other site I am sorry for the poor handmade pages and production of these sites, but the evidence is easy to understand. Be sure to view all the titles, many, many pages of undebunkable proofs. Thanks you guys ! When I uncovered these findings, I had to admit my thoughts on God were wrong, and you can too ! If you see any mistakes, or have some neat sites that I should look at, please inform me. Thanks again everybody !

  2. Islam is the fastest growing religion in the West. Nevertheless, the West has many stereotypes and misconceptions about Islam that are due to the media, prejudice, and ignorance. Islam is often looked upon as an extremist, terrorist religion. Many people hate Islam and do not want to acknowledge its true teachings. In contrast to what many Westerners think of Islam, Islam is a peaceful religion, which does not promote any forms against the teachings.

    The vast majority of Europeans and Americans know very little about Islam. They know hardly anything about its history and its teachings and do not particularly want to learn, according to a German academic. Very few westerners are bilingual. On the other hand, majority of Muslims are bilingual and have an associated knowledge of other cultures. In this respect, they are far ahead of many western citizens.

    Islamic studies is a “Strategic subject” that, when accurately and effectively taught, can aid community cohesion and extremism, according to British Ministers. Islamic studies should be part and parcel of National Curriculum instead of citizenship education so that all state , church and private school children could learn and understand Islamic traditions and values. The subject must be taught by Muslims.

    According to the Holy Quran, all children are born Muslims, it is their parents who make them Jew, Christian or others. This is one of the many reasons why now western peoples are reverting to Islam on their own free will. Throughout the history, Muslims never forced non-Muslims to accept Islam. This is the main reason why Muslims lost Spain and India.

    Today, many non-Muslims regard Islam as a religion that promotes violence, terrorism and war. Unfortunately, they rely in their view of Islam on the general media, which is not always accurate in reporting the news. Many media outlets, such as TV, radio, newspapers and magazines, are influenced by their investors or owners who have certain agendas and who want to promote certain values and points of view. Other media outlets are simply after the “big story”, in order to make more money and more profits. Others are simply “followers”, who only gather news from other sources, re-package it and try to sell it again purely as a business.

    In all these cases, the news reporting is not accurate, but is driven by ulterior motives or simply by profits. Only very few media organizations are committed to providing accurate and true information, regardless of financial gain. Therefore, people today should be very careful in what they take from the media.

    Before blindly accepting what the TV, radio or newspaper is reporting, one should think critically about what is being reported. Is this being reported accurately, or is it being exaggerated or even completely fabricated? Who are these people reporting the news, and do they have vested interests to report the story in a certain way, or are they completely objective and fair? Critical thinking is very important in all aspects of life, especially when it comes to accepting the media reports about important and controversial issues.

    Islam is in fact a religion that promotes peace and understanding among people of all faiths, and it strongly prohibits all forms of violence and aggression against all people regardless of their faith or race.

    Islam Prohibits Violence and Aggression, and stands for Peace and Justice.

    Islam clearly prohibits all kinds and forms of aggression and violence against anyone, except in self-defense. Islam is a practical religion, meant to be implemented in every aspect of our life. Therefore, it realizes the fact that a person who commits aggression and violence against others will not cease these actions unless they are deterred by similar actions taken against them.

    Islam also places very high importance on justice, and allows for aggressors and unjust people be punished accordingly, unless they repent before they are brought to justice. At the same time, Islam encourages people to forgive those who have wronged them whenever possible.

    The beauty of Islam is that it is a religion which appeals to common sense. There is no blind belief or dogmatism in Islam. The fundamentals of Islam are simple, straightforward and easy to understand.
    If Islam is so bad, then why is it the WORLD’S FASTEST GROWING RELIGION! It is also one of the youngest religions. However no matter how hard everyone tries to give Islam a bad name, it will be twice as more populated. So let’s get straight to the point yeah?, Basically Islam is the most hated religion I don’t know why hmm maybe because it is also the most fastest growing religion and 2nd largest but no one will be able to stop this religion from growing.

    Islam is the fastest growing faith in Britain. Hundreds and thousands of Brits are reverting to Islam. By the middle of this century, over half of Brits would be Muslims.
    “I have always held the religion of Muhammad in high estimation because of its wonderful vitality. It is the only religion which appears to me to possess that assimilating capacity to the changing phase of existence which can make itself appeal to every age. I have studied him – the wonderful man and in my opinion for from being an anti-Christ, he must be called the saviour of Humanity. I believe that if a man like him were to assume the dictatorship of the modern world, he would succeed in solving its problems in a way that would bring it the much needed peace and happiness: I have prophesied about the faith of Muhammad that it would be acceptable to the Europe of tomorrow as it is beginning to be acceptable to the Europe of today.” [G.B. Shaw, THE GENUINE ISLAM, Vol. No. 81936.]

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