Easter Sunday blasts across Sri Lanka


Every human life is precious and sacred. Killing one is like triggering a genocide. (Al Quran 5:32/33)

Source: CNN

By Euan McKirdy, Sheena McKenzie and Harmeet Kaur, CNN

The first wave of attacks in Sri Lanka struck at the heart of the country’s minority Christian community during busy Easter services at churches in the cities of Colombo, Negombo and Batticaloa on Sunday morning.

This photo taken at St. Sebastian’s Church in Negombo is a snapshot of the horror that many experienced during this holy weekend. Blood stains are splattered across the walls and on a statue of Jesus Christ.

People from at least eight countries were killed in the series of attacks on churches and hotels in Sri Lanka, including:

5 British citizens, including 2 US-UK dual citizens
3 Indians
3 Danes
2 Chinese
2 Turkish citizens
1 Dutch
1 Portuguese

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that several US citizens were among those killed, though he did not say how many.

In addition, the Sri Lankan Foreign Ministry said in a statement earlier that nine foreign nationals were reported missing and that 25 unidentified bodies at the Colombo Judicial Medical Officer’s mortuary were believed to be foreigners.

At least 207 people have been killed and hundreds more are injured.

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  1. Crazy. Insanity gone global. I have been ‘near’ war and terror for many years but still just cannot grasp that there could be any reason / justification what so ever to murder innocent civilians. May Allah have mercy on the departed as well as all the grieving families.

  2. So upsetting to hear what has happened in Sri Lanka. Many of the people who were killed were sitting peacefully in a church as it is Easter Sunday. What is more upsetting is that it was many churches where these attacks took place, not just one. Many countries have condemned these violent acts where so many innocent lives have been taken away. I pray for those who have passed away and for their families and hope one day we can all live in peace, love for all hatred for none.

  3. I strongly condemn the terrorists attacks in Sri Lanka as they were extremely horrific. Over 150 people have been killed and nearly 500 injured in a series of near-simultaneous explosions. My deep condolences go to the Sri Lankan nation and my Christian brethren there in this time of grief, may Allah save them from any further hardships! Ameen.

  4. I strongly condemn the horrific attacks that were carried away in Sri Lanka, targeting the county’s minority. My heartfelt condolences go to the whole nation who has suffered, especially the victims of the attack. May Allah enable all the affectees to bear this loss and shower His blessings upon them! Ameen.

  5. It’s a very sad tragedy that 207 innocent people have lost their lives while they were together for their services. All people, no matter what their faith or belief have the right to worship peacefully.
    May God elevate their status in heaven.ameen

  6. It is a disgrace that morality is degrading instead of evolving. No faith, no race, no individual should be treated with disrespect. The last sermon of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) clearly indicates that. May God help us all and be the Protector of us all. Ameen.

  7. It’s very tragic to read an incident like that happened in the world. May Allah bring in peace in this world. I believe it’s the time for all the religions to come forward and discuss the solution for these horrific issues. May Allah be our. protector .

  8. This is so horrible. Every human life is precious and when they are celebrating doing such a thing is nothing short of inhumane.

  9. My heart cries out for the lives that were lost. Innocent families gathered with their loved ones. No one could have thought that anything like this could taken place. It is outrageously cruel what these killers have done, May Allah help the grieving families.

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