No Women Priests Still, Even though Francis says the Church should support women’s rights

Pope Francis says the Catholic Church should support women’s rights

Source: Washington Post

Pope Francis said it’s time for the Catholic Church to acknowledge its history of male authoritarianism and abuse of women. (Reuters)

By Chico Harlan

ROME — In a major new document addressed to “all Christian young people,” Pope Francis calls for a church with “open doors” that can acknowledge past ills and be attentive to women seeking “greater justice and equality.”

The 33,000-word letter released Tuesday by the Vatican shows the pontiff’s hallmark advocacy for a version of Catholic teaching that is willing to evolve with the times. But the document does little to advocate for concrete steps that would improve women’s roles in the church, nor does it break ground on two other issues critical to young people — the church’s handling of sexual abuse and its teaching on homosexuality.

Without mentioning criticism from traditionalists who say the pope has loosened the church’s firm moral teachings, Francis wrote that a church always on the defensive stops listening to others, “leaves no room for questions” and “turns into a museum.”

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