‘The Wise Build Bridges, the Foolish Build Barriers’: Ahmadiyya Muslim women host interfaith dialogue

Source: centre-view.com | By Bonnie Hobbs

In today’s divisive world, it often seems like the nation’s leaders don’t communicate well with each other. But the women who gathered Saturday, March 9, at the Mubarak Mosque in Chantilly had no such problem.

In honor of Women’s History Month, the Women’s Association of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community hosted an interfaith dialogue. The topic was “Women in Public Service: How Faith Inspires Nation Building.”

This association, called Lajna Imaillah, raises awareness of the importance of women in society. Said the group’s spokeswoman, Bushra Mirza: “When we come together, we have power in our voices.” On Saturday, the more than 120 attendees heard speakers espousing Hindu, Christian, Jewish and Islamic perspectives, plus the keynote speaker, U.S. Rep. Jennifer Wexton (D-10).


Ananda Vrindavani, temple president of the International Society of Krishna Consciousness in Washington, D.C., spoke first. “In Hinduism, dharma is the essence of something, and the dharma of a living being – of a soul – is service,” she said. “When we get beyond service to ourselves, we begin to grow.”

She also mentioned bhakti, or service with love for the benefit of others. “A mother’s love for her child is without expectation of anything in return – it’s pure,” said Vrindavani. “And when you serve that way, you can have a real impact.”

Photo by Bonnie Hobbs  The Rev. Ellen LaCroix-Fillette, a Centreville United Methodist Church pastor, speaks at a women’s interfaith event.

Similarly, the Rev. Ellen LaCroix-Fillette, a pastor at Centreville United Methodist Church, said, “Our belief in God orders the way we live our individual lives and our lives together in community.” She also noted that “There’s a wide range of beliefs among Christians, and not all denominations believe in women in pastoral service…. read more at source.

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