WATCH: Tory minister Andrea Leadsom thinks Muslims are a case for “foreign ministers”

Apparently, to the Leader of the House of Commons, Muslim equals foreign.


The Conservative party absolutely does not have a problem with Muslims, okay? Look, here’s proof!

During an exchange in the Commons, the Conservative Leader of the House of Commons Andrea Leadsom has encouraged the Labour MP Naz Shah – who is concerned about Islamophobia in the governing party – to seek an adjournment debate on defining Islamophobia!

See! Totally non-racist! Nothing to see here!

Except………. Leadsom concluded her response to Shah by telling her that this would give her the opportunity “to discuss with foreign ministers whether that would be a useful way forward”.

“Foreign ministers”.

Shah had asked about British Muslims. The Tory row is over racism towards British Muslims. And the working definition of Islamophobia is a recommendation for the UK government.

The conclusion? Leadsom made a Muslims = foreign sum in her head, and decided this was an issue for the Foreign Office.

“When did attacks on BRITISH Muslims become a foreign issue?” Shah responded on Twitter.

“Wwwwwhhhhhhaaaaaatttttt?” was former cabinet minister and Tory peer Sayeeda Warsi’s reaction on Twitter. “British Muslims are errrrr British. What is wrong with some of my colleagues. We are in a hole …..stop digging!”

UPDATE: In an unprecedented development, the Leader of the House has approached your Mole’s burrow directly, to request that we append a statement. And since your Mole believes in fair play and transparency and such like here it is:

A Leader’s Office spokesperson said: “Islamophobia is unacceptable wherever it takes place. It was thought that the MP for Bradford West was referring to a global definition of Islamophobia. International efforts to combat Islamophobia (and all forms of religious persecution and prejudice) are led by the PM’s special envoy on freedom of religion or belief, Lord Ahmad, at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office. Of course, any form of Islamophobia in the UK would be dealt with swiftly by Home Office or MHCLG as appropriate.”

So, there you go.


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