Polygamist family tries to cast practice in a more normal light

RAPID CITY, SD (KOTA/Gray News)Polygamy is illegal in all 50 states, but for three people in South Dakota, the law is not standing in their way.

A family from Hot Springs, about an hour south of Rapid City, is trying to break what they call the misconceptions that come with polygamy.

The Alldredges star on the TLC show “Seeking Sister Wife.”

Sharis Alldredge, who came into the family as Jeff Aldredge’s second wife, said people are usually shocked to find them living regular lives.

“Oh my gosh! They’re so normal. I didn’t expect polygamists to be just like normal people,” she said is the reaction they typically get.

The Alldredges consist of Jeff, his first wife, Vanessa Alldredge, Sharis and seven children between them.

Jeff Alldredge said he pursued polygamy because it offered him a more vibrant family life.

more:   (incl. video)


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  1. It seems it is more usual with American (Mormon) polygamists for all ‘sister-wives’ to live together than with Muslim polygamist families.

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