Another India-Pakistan crisis


India and Pakistan are, once again, at each other’s throat, this time after Islamabad was accused by New Delhi as having been behind terrorist attacks in Indian-held Kashmir that took the lives of dozens of Indian soldiers.

Whatever are the merits of the Indian complaint, it seems that the two neighbouring countries always find a way to ignite tensions between themselves. The international community has a stake in reestablishing calm and restraint between the two nations, especially when both states are nuclear powers and may end using nuclear weapons if the escalation of tensions between the two mighty nations reaches a point of no return.

Given these hard facts, it is ironic that major nations are not intervening to defuse tension between the two countries. Even the UN took much time to call for restraint, but that was more rhetorical than real. There has been no call for a UN Security Council meeting on the new round of tensions between the two nuclear nations.

If the UN Security Council is not convened to defuse the current crisis between the two countries, one wonders when it would be put to use. In retrospect, most of all previous wars between the two countries were ignited rather accidently, by allowing tensions to run their course.

The world cannot maintain just a watchful eye on the current round of confrontation between the two countries. Pakistan denies any involvement in the terrorist attack that took the lives of scores of Indian soldiers. India on the other hand, appears convinced of Pakistani involvement.

Under the circumstances, the least that the two countries should do is hold immediate bilateral meetings for the purpose of investigating facts related to the incident that brought the two countries near the point of no return.


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