Asia Bibi’s whereabouts shrouded in secrecy over fears for her safety


By Hollie McKay | Fox News
Asia Bibi, 54, is technically a “free woman” – having had her death sentence for blasphemy thrown out by the Pakistani court – but she is far from safe enough to step foot in public, as religious extremists still call for her hanging.
A Pakistan official told Fox News Friday that – despite rampant rumors and reports indicating otherwise – Bibi remains under tight protection by authorities in Pakistan – as security steps to enable her to depart secretly are still being put in place.

A Canadian government source also told Fox News that reports Friday of Bibi having already arrived in Canada were false. Yet her exact whereabouts, believed to be in Pakistan, remains murky and shrouded in mixed messages.
“The reality is that very, very few people know where she is and next to no one will be told when she leaves. Her family might not even be told beforehand,” another source close to Bibi’s relatives said. “It has been done under extremism secrecy for her safety. It’s assumed that she will leave as soon as possible, but it isn’t that easy.”

The general consensus is that Bibi cannot leave Pakistan on a commercial flight, and any exit needs to be discreet and carefully planned. The Pakistan government, according to officials, is said to be “fully behind” helping her safely depart and one well-placed official said that they are waiting for the situation to “calm down” before making any moves.



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