‘We want to give something back to this land and its people’: Meet the Muslims celebrating Australia Day by firing up the BBQ, raising the flag and holding special Islamic prayers

Muslim people are challenging the typical views of their community
They are hosting an Australia Day BBQ inviting everyone to their mosque
#MuslimsForLoyalty say ‘It is our responsibility to promote loyalty to our country’

By As Australia gets ready for its big day, one community is preparing for the largest annual party where everyone is invited. But just which community might come as a surprise to many.

Muslims from throughout the country are preparing BBQs and flag raising events where they will be singing the national anthem.

Members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community will be celebrating the national holiday in true Aussie style.
The free BBQ, traditional rituals and speeches by community leaders take place in Victoria, New South Wales, Adelaide, Queensland and Western Australia mosques.



The Muslim community proudly invite everyone to join them at their mosque to celebrate Australia day with a BBQ


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