Belize: Canadian delegation participates in annual Muslim Convention

By Dalila Ical
Posted on 16 hours ago

The Canadian Delegation is being led by Lal Khan Malik, the president of that country’s Ahmadiyya’s Muslim Jama’at. Malik spoke about the stigmatism that some people associate the religion with extremism. He explained that those assumptions are wrong while explaining the purpose of the annual visit to Belize

Lal Khan Malik President, Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Canada: “The purpose of the annual convention is to bring together the members and to make them realize their responsibilities of being followers of the promised Messiah and the reformers of the later days for whom the followers of all religions has been waiting. We are now the fortunate ones who have believed in him and we have been commissioned to carry the mission of Islam to every human being and that message is to bring peace between man and God and to bring peace between men and other men. This is the code teaching of all religions. Unfortunately these days the name Islam is associated with extremism and terrorism. Nothing can be further from that truth. The very name Islam means peace and the religion of Islam brings peace between man and god and man and man and other humans so to associate extremism with Islam is most unjust. In this conference we hope that we would bring you the knowledge and teachings of Islam. Particularly the teaching of the Holy Founder of Islam, the Holy Prophet Marima. Peace and all blessings upon him through mention of the various incidents from his life how and he promoted peace.



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  1. I hope that through this convention more individuals are able to learn about the true Islam which is all about promoting peace in the world, and that they no longer make assumptions about Islam associated with terrorism.

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