Spreading the Message of Ahmadiyya Islam in Macedonia through Humanitarian work

By Zubair Khalil Khan
In a festive ceremony, organised by the Mayor of the municipality of Kumanovo city of Macedonia, on 22.01.2019, Mr Abdullah Wagishauser, National Head of Ahmadiyya Community of Germany officially handed over a van specially designed to transport the disabled children. With a special permission granted by supreme head of World Ahmadiyya community Mr Abdullah Wagishauser arrived Kumanovo travelling by road from Pristine, Kosovo.

Special Van having Ramp and Wheel chair can be rolled in donated by HF Germany

On the eve of Jalsa Salana-2018, Mr Maksim Dimitrievski, Mayor of Kumanovo visited Germany.  There he met with chairman of Humanity First and requested to provide a van for the transportation of disabled children in his city.  According to his statement there  are 800 disabled children in the city having over one hundred thousands inhabitants. And above 100 hundred disabled children daily visit various schools.  Request was very kindly approved and a suitable van was purchased and sent to Macedonia.

Mayor of Kumanovo Macedonia Mr Maksim Dimitrievski applauding AMJ and HF in his statement to Electronic and Print Media

To cover the handing over ceremony electronic and print media was present in large number. While speaking on the occasion National Head of German Ahmadiyya Community in a very clear way introduced the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat. While explaining the two goals (Worshiping and getting closer to Allah Almighty and to serve the fellow human beings) as mentioned by the founder of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat, Mr Abdullah Wagishasuer told to Media that Ahmadiyya Community on one side is making all effort wherein the mankind is advised to turn towards the God Almighty and on the other side through Humanity First is making huge efforts to serve the mankind.

Mr Abdullah Wagishauser, National Head of AMJ Germany handing over HF Shield to Mayor of Kumanovo

Mayor of the city in his statement applauded the peace efforts made by supreme head of  Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in whole world. He also praised the positive contribution of Ahmadiyya members living in his city and offered his deepest thanks and gratitude for the valuable donation in the form of van which will now be transporting few of disabled children to their schools.
Though it was small donation in the form of a van but due to this official handing taking over festive ceremony organised in the premises of Municipality and due to large presence of electronic and print media the message of Ahmadiyya reached to many thousands.  Alhamdolillah.

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  1. Kam kënaqësinë të flas për organizatën Humanity First dhe për Xhematin Musliman Ahmedia. Motoja e kësaj organizate është “Dashuri për të gjithë, urrejtje për askënd!”. Sot bota ka nevojë më shumë se kurrë për dashurinë dhe paqen. Humanity First dhe Xhemati Musliman Ahmedia motonë e tyre e kthyen në vepra, tashmë për të disatën here edhe në Kumanovë. Kjo veture e dhuruar nga “Humanyti First” do te na sherbej per femijet tane me aftesi te kufizuara qe ndjekin arsimin fillor,ku numerojme afersisht 90 nxenes ne te gjitha shkollat komunale ne Kumanove.Allahu e shperblefte AMJ.

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