Ahmadiyya Muslim Community calls people towards Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s message of equity and justice


Jan 21, 2019

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA, one of the nation’s oldest Muslim organizations, joins its fellow Americans today in remembering and honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his legacy of fighting for justice. As a passionate advocate for justice and equality, Dr. King called people toward a non-violent resistance against injustice. The need for justice is just as relevant now as it has ever been, and the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community remains committed to advocating for the Quranic tenets of absolute justice, kindness and kinship.

“Islam mandates the strict practice of absolute justice regardless of differences in faith, race, creed or any other distinction,” said Amjad Mahmood Khan, National Director of Public Affairs for Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA. “True Islamic teachings promote equal rights and command believers to love others as if they are one’s own kin. These teachings harmonize with Dr. King’s message who said, ‘Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere’ — we remain committed to continuing the vital work of bringing people towards justice, kindness and love.”


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  1. I think this is very important and a good effort by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at. We have to always love one another and be kind no matter what race or what they believe in. We should always be welcoming and understanding and never spread hate.

  2. This is an amazing effort by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jam’aat, advocating for justice has always been crucial in today’s world. I pray that more people follow the true teachings of Islam, advocating for justice despite the differences between us.

  3. “ love for all hatered for none “ is the main purpose of true Islam. As the word Islam is meant by Peace and Harmony, May Allah enable more people to
    realize the teachings of true Islam and edvocate justice despite of differences between each other.

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