Drop case against Sudan’s president on one condition – African billionaire tells ICC



The trials and tribulations of Sudan’s president, Omar Al Bashir, are still ongoing as more citizens take to the streets to protest his rule and demand his resignation.

The protests, his reaction and insistence to stay in power have elicited discussions across the world, and one of Africa’s richest men has added his take.

Mo Ibrahim, a Sudan-born telecoms billionaire and founder of the eponymous foundation that focuses on leadership and governance in Africa, wants the International Criminal Court to drop charges against the besieged leader but on one condition: that he should step down.

“If that is going to save lives, if it is going to save us from a bloody civil war, let the man go in peace,” Ibrahim said in an interview with the BBC.

“Although I hate impunity, I mean people should be punished for their sins, but if that’s the price of letting the man go, fine,” the billionaire said.

Ibrahim’s foundation is responsible for assessing the status of democracy and governance in Africa and awarding exemplary former democratic leaders with a $5m prize.



Mo Ibrahim


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  1. I am in favor of permitting old Presidents to retire peacefully. Allah is the ultimate judge anyway.

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